Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Wedding at Last!

After 1582 miles of driving
7 chicken salad sandwiches
22 hours of driving
2 rings exchanged
Ross and I made it home married!

It was a long drive to Colorado from Rexburg but we made it!
We spent the week with the family getting ready
for Thanksgiving and a wedding!

We got married on November 27 and the weather
was perfect! It was about 55 and sunny!

We had the PERFECT day!

We don't have very many pictures yet

but here are two.

I stole this picture from Braidy's blog
Because I really liked it! Thanks Braidy!

Well the second picture wouldn't load.
But basically we are glad to be married and start figuring our life together out

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last 30 Days!

We have finally made it into the home stretch. Ross and I are getting married in 11 days. It seems like the time has just disappeared. I guess we have actually been filling this fun time with lots of random and exciting things!

My favorite thing that happened was the flag football championship. It was a pretty exciting day I must admit. I had to work until 7 so I wouldn't be able to make it to the game and the team that Ross was playing on had their game at 6:15 so I would miss both but his game ended up getting pushed back to 7:15. Our games were on the fields right next to each other. I made it in time to play the last ten minutes of the second half. It was incredible! The game was scoreless and we ended up winning 6-0. It was an incredible end to the season! Ross and his team won too! They ended up coming from behind and kicking the other teams trash. I was really proud.
This is a picture of the boys and girls teams from our ward.
There is a picture of Ross and I in our matching Rec Sports Championship shirts.

The next super exciting thing that we did is dress up for Halloween. I had to work that on Friday night so I dressed up as a nerd. When I got home Ross was dressed up as a nerd too.
This is the outcome.We looked pretty cool as you can see :)

The next day we decided it would be fun to take an adventure to Boise to see my Dad and Stepmom. They were headed there to go to the temple with my cousin Nic. We had a blast with them. It was really good to see everyone.

We are so excited to start heading down to Colorado next week!
11 more days!