Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today has been a wonderful day! We found out early this afternoon that Braidy would be induced about 3p.m. I really couldn't believe that it was actually happening. I brought Stella over here earlier so Braidy wouldn't have to wake her up and bring her over when she left. Before Stella fell asleep she was crying and saying "Mommy, Help me!" over and over for about 10 minutes. It really was hilarious to me. I did feel bad but it was so funny. 

Then Braidy brought Bradford over and we played until Stella and Madison woke up. Then we all got the Halloween costumes on so we could go Trick-or-Treating! We decided to go to the Trunk-or-Treat, a trick-or-treating activity at the Doctor's office and UW campus. Hanna and Alanna, Ross' cousins, took us all around. It was a blast. Crazy to have three kids but it was fun. 

Stella was a witch, Bradford was a firefighter and Madison was a ladybug. We went to the trunk-or-treat, but it was freezing. Next year I think I will plan Madison's costume with a coat better. We left pretty quickly after we got there because all of us were extremely cold.

 At the trunk-or-treat there was a firetruck! We told Brad to get in so we could get a picture. I was so impressed by his costume. It looked exactly like the coats that they had in the backseat. He was so funny during it. He was very shy. One guy asked him, "What do you say?" He said "Please." The guy said "all you have to say is Trick-or-Treat." He kind of whispered it. It sure was cute. Props to Braidy for teaching him good manners!

We saw this giant pink elephant at the student union. I asked Brad if he wanted his picture because I know how much he loves elephants. Whenever  Madison wears an outfit with elephants he is thrilled! He likes elephants because they don't eat people.

I am so excited that Phillip and Braidy are having this baby! I am glad that I can spend so much time with Brad and Stella while she is in the hospital. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we had family home evening with Phillip, Braidy, Brad and Stella. It was lots of fun. We carved the pumpkins that Carol and Pete sent out to us. It was fun and now we are all ready for Halloween. 
Braidy also made some delicious cookies. That was a highlight for me and Stella looked like she enjoyed them also. 
 In each picture someone was looking away so this one ended up being the best.
 Ross and Madison with the pumpkin that I carved.

 Phillip was working very hard to make this perfect! It ended up looking good.
The finished pumpkin.

Looks like this new baby is going to be quite the basketball player!
Ross and Brad putting the animal faces from Pete and Susan. That was the best way to decorate a pumpkin! I loved it.
 Ross and Brad
 The finished pumpkins.
 Brad loves to hold Madison's hand. At the basketball game this week, Brad gave Madison a few kisses and she opened right up for them. It was kind of gross, but cute.
 Stella wanted to sit on Ross' lap. That is a rare occasion so we made sure to get a few pictures.
Stella enjoying her cookie.
 Madison was doing a few stretches earlier. Ross wanted me to get a picture so that he could tell Diana that Madison is more flexible than her.
Madison and I bothering Ross while he is trying to study.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Regional Volleyball

This weekend we went to watch Diana's volleyball team play at the Regional tournament in Lander, Wyoming. It was really fun. Madison did really well and I was glad. Towards the end of the tournament she got a little tired but it was good. 

 Diana and the team warming up.
 Ross put the camera on the sport mode. It will take 6 pictures so we have plenty of pictures of this team pregame chat.
 I liked this picture a lot. I was really impressed at how good the team did. They worked well together. They ended up getting 4th and they made it to state. The last game was so close. It really went back and forth.
 Janet and Madison. Janet will be taking off for her mission on November 6th. I think its kind of fun that she leaves of Madison's half birthday. I am excited for her and the wonderful experiences she will have.

 Madison had a nice homemade onsie to support the Burlington Huskies. On the front it said "Burlington Husky Ladies" I would say she cheered the loudest for the Huskies, but I don't know if that was a good thing.
 Had to get the back view. It says "Aunt Diana" with her number. It was pretty cute.
 Janet was determined to have success holding Madison. She did really well. I was very glad. She started to get a little fussy then I pulled out the camera. I am very grateful that I have that kid that will pose when she sees the camera.

 We went to the Sinks. It was very beautiful.
 Ross and I
 Ross and Anne
 Janet was so kind to wait in the car with Madison while she was sleeping. I took this creeper picture of her.
We had a really great time in Lander. It was so nice that Madison did so well. We had a good time. I hope that Diana's team will do well at the State tournament next weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ross and Phillip are on a basketball team with their cousin Joseph. We went to their game on Monday. It was pretty fun. Madison was very well behaved during it. She was just chatting away and cheering for Ross. I tried to take a few pictures but they all turned out blurry. 

 Sadly this one looks the best. Hopefully I will be able to get at lease one good picture next week. There team name is "Grandma Bea's Boys". She was thrilled when she heard that. She even put it in the letter. They won their game too so that was nice. 

I spent last week crafting for Ross' cousin Sarah. She is so awesome. Last year we received a great package from Sarah... Rotten apples and candy. The candy wasn't very appealing after the apples leaked all over it. But Sarah is the R.S. President in her ward and needed some help with Super Saturday Crafts.
 This is my favorite. I love the way that this Christmas tree turned out. It was so easy but was fun to make.
 I used stencils to paint this onto a little board that I got from walmart. I liked the way that it turned out also.
I liked this one also. It was a really nice quote. 
 Ross, Madison and I are going to Dallas, Texas in January to visit John and Cassandra!!! We just decided this yesterday and found a great deal on tickets. I can't wait. John and Cassandra are such good friends. It seems like it has been so long even though we just saw them in July. I am excited to see them right before their little baby comes to the world!
We are heading up to Lander, Wyoming on Friday for Diana's regional volleyball tournament. I am excited to see them. Madison is going to make a great cheerleader for Diana.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Temple Trip

This weekend was busy! We had a lot of visitors and we did lots of traveling. It was nice to see everyone and go to the temple.

On Thursday, Parker showed up. I guess it was technically Friday morning, but we were excited to see him. I don't think either of us thought we would see him for at least a year.

On Friday afternoon, Janet, Diana and Anne came out. It was fun to have them here. Later in the afternoon we left to go to Denver to attend the temple on Saturday morning. Madison isn't the best traveler yet. 

 The group after going to the temple with Janet. It was the first time that Ross and I had been back inside the Denver temple since we were married. It was nice to go back there.
 Parker, Ross and I
 Ross, Janet and Phillip
 Janet with Ross and I
 My mom was so great to watch Madison during the session. I was hoping to get a family picture in front of the temple. We will have to get one another time.
 We went back to Laramie on Saturday night. It was a very quick trip. Brad loved climbing all over Parker on Sunday morning. Ross kept trying to tell Brad that his name was Porker instead of Parker. It worked a few times.
 Janet and Madison.
 Ross and Stella. Stella was not thrilled about this picture. Ross always tries to tease her and she just stared at him. It is funny to me because Stella and I are good friends.
 Grandma and Madison. Madison was very tired the whole time. She didn't sleep well on Friday and Saturday so she was pretty grumpy. I'm glad that she at least got to spend a little time with her Grandma. 
It was nice to have everyone here. I am excited that Janet will be serving a mission! She will be an excellent missionary!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We really have not been too exciting lately. We got our first snow storm last week. It was a little disappointing. I couldn't believe that it came so fast. Luckily, it melted pretty quickly and has been reasonably nice outside since. 

We spent our whole weekend watching General Conference.

It was so fun! On Sunday we had some of Ross' cousins over for breakfast and then we watched the sessions with Phillip, Braidy, Brad and Stella. 

Brad was so cute. He loves to tell everyone "Madison can roll over! I saw her" Most people are like "what are you talking about? Who is Madison?"
 Ross and Madison while we watched General Conference.
 Brad and Madison after General Conference. He was very excited to put this arm around her. I think she liked it also.
Madison and I. I like this picture because I think it shows Madison's hair really well. She is a blonde. It is coming in very well and I'm excited for it to keep coming!