Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Mom's Birthday

This weekend, we went down to Denver. My mom's birthday is on April 1st, but we were celebrating this weekend. It was fun to see everyone again. My mom really wanted a big party since she was turning 60. It was fun to see lots of people and the party turned out great. 
 I loved watching Madison and Josie play together. I wish we could see them more often because Madison always learns a lot from Josie. 
 This picture is too cute for words.
 This one too actually. 
 They are both so different but they are so sweet. 
 Me with the two girls. 
 This is some of the decorations that we had. My Uncle was also born on April 1st, but a year earlier. We had two different newspapers from the day my mom was born. I loved looking through the old pictures of my mom. I hadn't seen a lot of them before. 
 My mom's friend made these awesome cakes and cupcakes. My mom loves Hello Kitty so it was perfect for her. She did an awesome job! I especially loved the cupcakes with bows on them. 
 I made this banner for the party. Scrabble sold the highest number of games during the year my mom was born so we decided to include that. I thought it turned out really nice. 
 There actually was 60 candles and she didn't blow them out in one breath. Maybe next year. 
 Wyatt and Moriah helped out a lot though. 
 Wyatt had a little too much sugar and was pretty hyper. It was funny. 
 Moriah was trying to run from the picture, but I caught this. Even better. 
 Opening some presents. 
 Dad of the year! 
 Moriah with her dad. 

Right after we got back from Colorado, I took off with Braidy to go watch the Woman's Broadcast . It was a great meeting and it was fun to go with Braidy. They were taking pictures there, but both of us were not really feeling it. While we were gone, Ross and Phillip took all of the kids out to Chinese buffet. I was a little sad I missed it. 
 Bronson looks so funny in this picture. I  guess this is on the way to the Chinese Buffet. 
 Bradford, Stella and Phillip. Looks like they enjoyed themselves. 
 Ross and Madison. They both enjoy their Daddy-Daughter dates. I think Ross is always so glad that these things come up, so he can take Madison out by himself. I am glad that he enjoys that. She always enjoys it too. 
 Bronson just being cute like always. 
I think this is on the way home. It sounded like the food was good and the kids all enjoyed it. Ross and Phillip said that Madison left a huge mess on rice on the floor. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Haircut

Over the past five months I have been debating getting a haircut. I knew that I really needed one, but I just wasn't ready. It got to the point where I needed to get one as soon as possible because the last time I got a haircut I didn't have a baby and that was almost a year ago. 

It felt great to get my haircut. I am glad that I was finally able. I took a before and after picture. 
Before (just excuse the selfie)
And after. I really like the way my hair turned out. It is nice and light. 
 I saw this bird the other day out the back door. It is fun that spring is getting closer. I can't believe how nice it was here on Tuesday. 
 Today, we went to Pharmacy school party. Ross planned a bowling party. He was very excited because he missed the last one and he loves bowling. We both did well. Ross got 131, 136 and 135. I got 115, 107 and 135. I missed going bowling. It seems like we hadn't been in years. 
 It was also fun to meet a lot of Ross' friends from his class. They are all really fun and nice people. I can't wait to do more. 
 Ross' lab partner, Taler, bowled a 180. She kept telling us how bad she was at bowling, then she smoked everyone. I was amazed. Way to go, Taler! 
 When we got home Ross set up his double screen for March Madness. We had to pull the couch closer so we could make it a big screen. It is pretty embarrassing, but Ross is loving it. 
We are heading to Colorado tomorrow for my mom's 60th birthday celebration. I am excited to see everyone again. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The day I became the best wife ever...

For the last 3 years Ross has been begging me to find a recipe to make copycat Gorditas from Taco Bell. I thought it sounded good, but I wasn't seriously motivated to do this. It just seemed like a lot of work. The other night I was on pinterest and Ross asked if I was looking up recipes for homemade gorditas. I looked at him and hesitantly said that I was. I wasn't. Then I was guilt tripped into looking for one. With Ross' help I found a good recipe and we decided that we would try it for dinner the next day. So we did. 
 It was a really easy recipe, but it took a little bit of time. They shells turned out really good. They were nice and soft. I am glad we actually tried it. 
 The first few shells. 
 Ross with his Gordita. I wish I had a video of his reaction. He really enjoyed them. I think he said "We did it! We finally did it! We made the perfect gordita! Todd is going to be so jealous." 
 The close-up. It was delicious. 
Madison enjoying her bits and pieces of gordita. Her face doesn't really show it, but she enjoyed it too. 
We got Madison and cute pair of shoes. When we got home she started climbing the stairs and pulling herself up on everything. I decided it was time to get her shoes. She hates them, but she stands a lot better when she is wearing them. 

Here is the recipe for our awesome Gordita copycats. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break in Burlington

We went up to Burlington on Monday. We had such a great time there, like always. Ross wanted to help his Uncle Dennis with farm work. Ross always enjoys doing that. We were glad to see Diana and Anne. I had a great time visiting Ross' cousin Julie. I was so excited to see her! I also visited with some friends at the Relief Society activity. It was fun to see a friend from Laramie at the activity too. We had a great family dinner with Ross' Grandma Bea on Friday night. It was nice to get away from Laramie and visit family. 
 The one day I saw a bald eagle on the fence. By the time I got Madison bundled and outside it flew away. I wish I could have got some more pictures. I was impressed by my cameras zoom. This was taken from the kitchen window and it was half way down the road. 
 Madison in Grandpa's chair. 
This is Madison as a little baby in Grandpa's chair. I can't believe how fast she has grown. 

 Madison finally has started sitting up. I was waiting and waiting for this to come. She also started crawling. She still army crawls because she is faster, but it is exciting. 
 Madison enjoyed playing with everything while we were there. It was fun for her to explore the house. 
 Jenkins Jr. and Jenkins Sr. Ross always tells me that Madison reminds him so much of Diana when she was a baby. While we were there he started calling Madison Jenkins Jr. I think it is pretty funny. 
Ross and Madison studying. 
 Madison and Grandma. We had a great time hanging out with Anne in the evenings. It was fun to spend time with her. I was glad Madison let Anne hold her. 
We spent a lot of time watching basketball. It was great. 
 Madison and I. I love this picture. 
Uncle Pete and Aunt Susan sent out some frozen raspberries for us. I was so excited. I told Ross last summer that I would work as Uncle Pete's professional raspberry picker. My payment would only be all of the raspberries that I picked. Ross told me Uncle Pete probably wouldn't go for that so I didn't even try. I gave some to Madison and she loved them. I had to capture her raspberry face. It was pretty cute. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break in Colorado

Ross' Spring break started on Friday. We decided to go to Colorado for a few days. We went back to Laramie for church then headed up to Burlington so we could see Anne and Diana. But this is about our trip to Colorado. 

This picture is actually from before we left, but I thought that it was really funny. Madison loves books and lately she hasn't been destroying them. I knew that our friends from Rexburg would get a kick from it. She is a chemist in training. 
 When we made it down to Colorado on Friday afternoon. We spent sometime with my mom and Mary. It was fun to see Mary and her kids. It had been awhile since we were able to see them. Every time Madison would cry Josie would start crying too. We caught this picture of them. It was really funny. 
 Moriah is just like Emma. She hates to have her picture taken. I liked trying to take pictures of her. It was a fun game. 
 Madison and Josie again. I took a lot of pictures of them. 
 They are cute girls. 
 This is Wyatt. I can't believe how big he is. I always think of him as a 6 month old baby. He is not a baby anymore. I think he is a goofball. 
 Madison and Grammy C. 
 Moriah again. She is pretty funny and cute. It is fun to live so close to the cousins. 
 We were able to spend a lot of time with my Dad, Melodie and Rachel. We caught this cute picture of my dad and Madison. She liked to fly with him. Ross helped my dad set some things up in the new house. He also did a few things to help get the old house ready. Of course, we watched a lot of basketball on TV. It was a very successful trip. 
Madison and her Opa again. 

We had a great time in Colorado and we are enjoying our time in Burlington.