Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving. My Dad came up to watch some football the Saturday before Thanksgiving and then Madison and I went back with him. Ross met us down on the 26th. It was nice to spend a week there before we went back. 

 We were lucky to see my mom and John Spencer before they took off to Utah. John was excited to hold Madison. She was a lot better behaved this trip than most. She let everyone hold her at least for a few seconds.
 Madison was excited for her first Thanksgiving. I just love this outfit that Melodie got her. It is adorable. I love her cheesy little smile.
Ross and I celebrated our anniversary while we were down there. We went out to lunch and spent all day together. That was pretty nice because Ross has been so busy with school. It was disappointing to come back to reality and finals.
 The weather was so beautiful. We were able to go on walks a lot (something we can't really do in Laramie right now, especially today.) Rachel and Emma spent a lot of time outside playing basketball and jumping rope. Ross was outside teaching Rachel bounce passes and such. It was pretty cute. He was a good teacher.
 Oddly enough, Madison doesn't really like fruit. I really think she's crazy, but she eats vegetables like a champ. My dad was acting like her high chair. It was fun to spend so much time with them. Madison also enjoyed my dad and Melodie. She really loved seeing Rachel. She would just stare at her and really admire her. It was sweet.
 We saw Mary, Jason, Wyatt, Moriah, and Josie on Friday. Josie is two weeks younger than Madison. She is a lot bigger that Madison. They are both pretty cute. They had fun playing together until Madison turned and kicked Josie in the face twice. Sorry Josie.
 Moriah was cute. For some reason I just really enjoyed teasing her. I kept holding her blanket and pretending to sleep with it. She would stomp away with a mad look on her face. It was pretty cute. She is a fun girl.
 Madison and Josie. It looks like Madison is about to reach for Josie's nose.
 Sisters and cousins. Mary and Josie, Me and Madison
When we got home, we decided to pull all of our Christmas stuff out. We had these mini stockings and decided to put them on Madison. She was not thrilled about it, but Ross and I enjoyed it. She looked pretty cute in those stockings!