Friday, January 31, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date

I posted this earlier, but for some reason it got deleted. Here it is again. 

Last weekend, Ross was thrilled to find out that I was babysitting on Saturday. He decided that it was a perfect time for him to take Madison on a daddy-daughter date. He was so excited and she was too. He kept telling her that they were going to do something fun and she would squeal and squeak. Ross decided to take her to the Wyoming v. San Jose State basketball game. We took her to one the week before and she did awesome! Ross encouraged me too take a picture of them and blog about it. Madison did really well at this basketball game too. It went into overtime and she fell asleep on him. Ross told me that she earned herself another basketball game. I hope I can go to this one too. 

 Joseph, Alanna, and Phillip and Braidy's family came over for Root Beer Floats to celebrate Ross' dad's birthday.
 Joseph did much better holding Madison than I would have guessed. It was actually awhile. We made sure to capture a picture. Its funny they both have UW shirts on.
 Phillip, Braidy, Bradford, Stella, and Bronson. Bradford looks pretty cheesy.
 Joseph and Madison again
 Brad and Stella loved playing with Alanna. They really liked to tease them and she liked to tease them. It was fun. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Lately I have really enjoyed using instagram. It is fun to take pictures of Madison and post them with a caption. I also really enjoy seeing some of my friend's kids and different activities they do. It gives me a lot of good ideas of things that I can do with Madison as she gets older. 
 Things have been kind of exciting here lately. Madison is a crawler. We discovered this right after Christmas, but now she is really on the go. It is pretty fun. She is enjoying getting the hang of moving around. 
We were able to go to the Wyoming v. San Jose State basketball game. That was really fun. Whenever we go I always wish that I had gone to a school that had sports teams. It is such a fun activity. I hope that next year we can go to a volleyball game, but Madison was great during it all. She just played on my lap. The people around us were amazed at how well behaved she was.  The one lady was saying that they brought her granddaughter and she cried the whole game. The next time they brought her earplugs and she still cried. They were very very jealous of Madison's good behavior. 
But the most exciting news is.....We also got a new car! It is a 2007 Chevy Impala. It was a back up car for the Laramie Police department so we got a pretty good deal on it! I really like it. It drives really well also. I am excited that we were finally able to get a new car. 
Well here are a few pictures of Madison. (A few of them are from our trip that I forgot to post)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fort Worth, Texas

In October, Ross and I were trying to decide what to do for the month long Christmas break. I suggested going to visit John and Cassandra, but we both figured it would be too expensive. We decided to look it up anyway. It was actually a really good deal! We hurried and called them to ask if it was ok and they said that sounded great! We have been really close with them since Ross and I were married. Cassandra lived at Kennsington Manor while she was engaged to John. She met Ross first. We would do lots of things together. We were excited for them, but sad for us when they moved to Texas. Cassandra is pregnant and due on the 18th (I think). We were hoping that she would have the baby while we were there but that is ok! We look forward to meeting him soon!
Cassandra and Madison. They were good friends.
John and Cassandra took us to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. (They were great at hosting people! I was really amazed. They had things planned, but it was still very relaxed and enjoyable!) This place was awesome!
This was the main water attraction. It was so neat that you could walk down the steps to the little pool of water. It was really fun that you could do that. The picture above is Ross and I at the bottom.
John and I at the bottom

They also had two other pools. I enjoyed those a lot. They were very relaxing. I always really enjoy water features.
 One day we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was the best zoo that I have ever been too. This is a picture of all of us right before we left. I wish that Madison was looking at the camera.
 Madison and I looking around. She was a great baby the whole trip! It was so nice.

 John teasing Madison. She really enjoyed it.
 Ross really wanted a picture of this bird eating. It was pretty graphic, but it was kind of neat too.
This zoo was very well designed. All the places for the animals were really beautiful. This one was especially neat because the birds could go around to both sides. The cage made a tunnel for us to walk through. While were there the birds were eating right above us. Again, gross but cool.
 Ross and Madison
 John and Cassandra with the giraffe.
 Ross and Madison
 Family picture!
 Madison was happy to be there.
 John just being John.
I think that this was one of Ross' favorites.
 I loved this lion because he was giving us a little show. It was like he was telling all of us a story. It was really neat.

 I also really enjoyed seeing the two baby elephants! They were so cute!

Someone dropped a pacifier in there and he was chewing on it. It was funny to me. 

 On Sunday, we went to see Ross' cousin Dixie. I was sad that I didn't get any pictures from there. She had just had hip surgery so Dennis and Barbara came to Texas. It was fun to see them in Texas. Dixie's kids, Rasmine and Jonathon were really fun! Rasmine held Madison for awhile. It was cute to watch. My brother John helped Jonathon put together his lego plane. John is the king of legos.  After we saw them, we went to the temple. It was beautiful but pretty cold.

 Ross requested a Daddy daughter picture.

 Ross also requested a picture of me by the B.
 We also went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. There was a nice museum. It was really fun to look around at all the things that they had in there. 

 It was a pretty cold day so we didn't stay outside too long.
John tucked Madison in his jacket. I was surprised that she actually enjoyed it. It was cute and it kept Madison pretty warm!

We had a great trip to Texas. Madison's first tooth came in while we were down there. She did really well for a teething baby. We had a blast seeing John and Cassandra! Hopefully this baby comes soon! We are excited to meet him!