Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Fun!

Lately, Madison and I have been visiting everyone. It has been nice because Ross has been getting a lot of hours at Walgreens. Madison has done really well with all of the driving and riding in the car. She likes to make lots of jokes and tease us. Her favorite joke is "Mom George!" as in mom lives in St. George, Utah with her cousins Brad, Stella and Bronson. She has many variations of this joke. "Dad George" "Opa George" "Emma George". She thinks she is hilarious. She just laughs and laughs about it. I love the cheesy grin on her face when she says that. 
Our latest trip has been to Manassa, Colorado to visit Anne's mom and her brother Wayne. Janet went with us and we had a good time. Madison loved Wayne. When he wasn't around she would ask "Where Wayne, Mama? Where Wayne?" Then she would repeat the answer over and over again. She also enjoyed helping Wayne in his garden. 

Janet, Madison and I. The one day Janet came out in a soccer jersey and I decided that I would wear my Peruvian one as well. It was cute. 
Madison liked pushing Janet around at the park. 
Poor Madison woke up with a bloody nose the one morning. Sadly you can see that on the picture. It didn't bother her too much. She liked walking behind the beds and pretending like she was in jail.

Manassa is only about 10 miles from the New Mexico border and I thought that it'd be fun to take Madison to New Mexico so she could color it in on her state map. We had to get a picture with the sign. I didn't ever know that New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. My brother John informed me of that right as I was pulling up to the sign. I was impressed that he knew that. 
We also had to get a picture of the Colorado sign. Its always been a disappointment to me honestly. I would think that it would be more colorful. 
Anne in Colorado
This is at the Laramie Walmart when Janet and Anne made it into town. Janet loved doing these before her mission and she was actually pretty good. 
Madison at the park

Madison and Emma laying on the grass in Colorado. 
Wyatt, Josie and Madison. I really love this picture because every time I looked over at them the girls just jumped up like they were causing trouble. It was cute. 

Madison getting ready to go swimming.
Madison eating breakfast. 
Ross is our BBQ master. Madison will look outside and "Dad Barbepue." Its really fun to hear how much she is talking lately. 
We went to the temple as a ward a few weeks ago. Ross did a session while Madison and I helped watch kids so that some members of our ward could do a session. The older primary kids were able to go on a temple grounds tour. I think everyone enjoyed it. 
We ran into this trouble maker at the temple. Emma works in the temple on Saturday so it was fun to run into her when she was done with her shift.