Sunday, January 18, 2015

Colorado 2015

We have been traveling for weeks. No joke. Madison and I have been on the road since December 8, 2014. I can't believe that we are finally back in Laramie. We came back from Burlington on Monday, dropped our stuff off and headed down to Littleton on Tuesday. It was nice to be able to go to Colorado together. 
We were able to see our friends Mark and Kelly from Rexburg. They lived in our apartment complex. Kelly and I went to high school together and she coached a basketball team that I was on after she went to college. She married Mark right after Ross and I got married. It was especially exciting when they got married because Mark's last name is Beck (my maiden name and we aren't related, but it is fun). Well anyway we were able to have breakfast with them at their beautiful house in Castle Rock. It was great to see them! 
I didn't take very many pictures of our trip, but here is the assortment of them.
 We saw this on the way home from Mark and Kelly's house. It was pretty funny. It says "Davidson's Liquors"
 Ross was a hit with Wyatt, Moriah and Josie. They were throwing things to try and break his concentration. 
 I love the weather in Denver. I don't think there is better weather anywhere else. Madison and I enjoyed being outside. It was about 55 degrees everyday. 
 Madison loved playing with Rachel. It was fun to see them interact. There are a lot of times that Madison reminds me of Rachel when she was at that age.
 Emma is definitely a cool aunt. Madison always walks around saying "Emma." It is amazing how clear she is. Madison was pretty sad when Emma left to go to Texas. It was funny to me when Madison would cry when Emma left the room.  
 Madison and Josie playing at Grammy's house. Madison really didn't like to play with Josie, but she loved playing with Moriah. She would follow Moriah around and play with her. It was really cute. 
 My Mom has a set of Snowballs at her house. They are soft and fuzzy balls that everyone throws at each other and stuff. They are a pretty fun toy. Madison thought that the container was really neat. This is her sitting in it. She had a rough time getting both legs into it so it was funny to watch. 
 This picture is so adorable. I love the hat and the pose.

We had a great time on all of our trips. It is sad to be back to reality, but it will be nice to get back on a routine and such. Thank you to all of our family that let us come and visit. We had a great time. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014

We have had an exciting Christmas break so far. We have been in Burlington visiting with family. Ross is working at the Walgreen's in Cody. He has enjoyed that a lot. He has had a great schedule too. Madison and I have enjoyed playing with Anne and Diana. It has been nice to see them because we didn't see them much during the semester. 

Since I had my gall bladder removed in October, I have still been having stomach problems. I have eliminated gluten from my diet and I have been feeling so much better. It has been a hard adjustment but it isn't very tempting to eat because it is such a noticeable difference. I have tried a few different gluten free recipes. Some have turned out good, but others have been kind of gross. If anyone has any gluten free advice let me know because I would love some help. 
Enjoy the Christmas pictures! 

 Diana and Madison are great friends. Madison woke up this morning and was yelling "Niana!" It was really cute. She kept walking into her room looking for her and was disappointed when she couldn't find her. We have both been missing Anne and Diana at school today. 
Anne and Madison right before church yesterday. Anne found the cute coat for Madison while we were shopping in Billings on New Year's Day. We got some great sales and Ross was kind of enough to stay with Madison so we were able to shop a lot! It was a nice break. 
Ross, Madison and I before church yesterday. 
 We went to visit Uncle John and Aunt Jeana last weekend. Madison loved looking at the Christmas ornaments on their tree. 
 Cute twinners.
 My sister Mary and her family picked out this awesome toy for Madison. The food velcros together and Madison can cut it apart. Madison and I both love the toy. 
 Madison was an angel during the Christmas program at Grandma Bea's dinner. She was so cute. Ross was excited to have Madison be in the program because he was always in it when he was a kid. 
 Maddie, Madison and Kalley at the boys basketball game in Rocky. Madison loved playing with them. 
 Diana and I right after we arrived in Burlington.
 Madison and Todd. They are good friends especially when Todd has food or candy. 
Diana, Madison and Adam at the boys basketball game. 
 Madison on Christmas morning. She was excited about toy kitchen. I am glad that we got it for her. 
 Opening presents. 
 Madison in her new chair from Grammy. She carried this chair around all day. 
Madison pulled her chair up to the table when she was ready to eat. 
 Ross's present from Todd. Todd had his knee operated on a few days before Christmas and then was sick from Christmas to New Years. We were glad he was feeling a lot better before he went back to school. 
I picked out matching shirts for Diana and Dwight for Christmas, then we did a little photo shoot. I was amazed that Dwight had no problem letting Diana put this on him. The pictures turned out amazing. Its probably the cutest Christmas card all year. 
 Anne was so kind to watch Madison while we went to Cody and played racquetball. Diana and I looked especially good in our glasses. I have never played before but I loved it. I hope that we can play again soon. 
On New Year's Eve we went Grandma Bea's house to play games. Ross was a little jealous when he saw me looking through the temple book with Eric. Eric looks thrilled to be there right. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!