Saturday, October 25, 2014

One Month Later...

Diana mentioned to Ross that I hadn't blogged in awhile. She said she had no idea what we were up to because there hadn't been any blog posts. 
There is a great reason that there hasn't been any blog posts. Because we have been boring. 
 Ross is usually studying so we don't really do anything fun anymore. That was slightly dramatic, but yes Ross is studying a lot. Especially this week. He has lots of tests and very busy with school and church things. 
Madison enjoys studying with him. Today she has been very upset when Ross leaves because she misses him. It is kind of cute. 
Here is the recap of the past few weeks. 
Madison loves sitting on the stairs. 
I like your shoes, Madison. They look familiar. 
Ross and Madison love to play basketball together. 
 Madison eating a banana. She was glad to have the peel still attached. 
Ross was on a trivia bowl team with his cousin Joseph during homecoming week. I guess they won first place, but I accidentally cut that out of the picture. 
 Madison can climb up onto the kitchen chairs. The one day she climbed up on the chairs and grabbed a muffin then started eating it. I was too impressed to be upset. 
 Ross and Madison got me some beautiful roses after I had surgery. I love roses. It was nice to have so many flowers around. 
 I had my gall bladder removed two weeks ago. It wasn't an emergency surgery, but the doctor had time to do the surgery so we decided to go ahead with it. Everything went well and I have been able to recover quickly. I was so grateful that my mom was able to come and help with Madison. 
 This is pre-surgery, obviously by the smile on my face. I looked very nice in the hair net and hospital gown. 
 Before my surgery Madison and I went to Colorado because Ross was going to be in Burlington for the weekend. We had frosties with my dad, Melodie and Rachel. Madison loved the frosty. 
 Madison loves to play the piano and she looks very cute while she is doing it. 
 This was taken at a volleyball game before my surgery. Madison got a pink pompom there and loved waving it around. She was waving it violently and hitting the girl next to us in the face. It was funny because the girl didn't seem to mind. She was very kind about it. 
 During one volleyball game we caught a mini volleyball. Madison loves it. It was fun to get it. 
I love the smile in this picture. It is so cute. 
 Madison was combing Ross' hair while I was reading scriptures. She started combing it and then went and got the spray bottle to wet it down. 
 We went to the Wyoming v. Boise State volleyball game this afternoon. This is my favorite activity. We got these glasses and Madison enjoyed wearing them. 
 Ross didn't like wearing them but I am glad that I got this picture of him in them. 
 Today was a busy day. Ross had a Health Fair at school today. Madison and I went to see what it was about. They had a lot of neat information and it was fun to see all the people from his class. We also went to the safe trick-or-treating in downtown Laramie. We stopped by the health fair afterwards to show Ross her cat costume. It was pretty cute. 
 I haven't caught a great picture of the cat tail yet, but I will on Halloween. I think it was the cutest part. I made Madison that little bag for Halloween. It was a cute fabric and I was excited to sew something. 

 I guess we have been more exciting than I previously thought. 
Madison is also walking a lot now. It has been fun to see her develop that skill.