Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Summer

This summer has been filled with fun things!
Ross was working from 8-5 at

Every month we get a product check for $80.
It helps our budget and it is fun to try all the products.
I personally love the foot scrub.

In May, Ross turned 23! I made him an awesome cake.
We didn't do much to celebrate because he had to work
but we had fun.

We did lots of fun things since Ross wasn't in school.
My favorite thing that we did was hit golf balls into the river.
We went with the Johnson's and Josh.

I also turned the big 20 in July!
It was fun. We spent the day at the Melaleuca Company Picnic.
They really go all out for those things.
We won an ipod shuffle and free movie passes!
Ross also threw me a surprise birthday party! It was amazing!

We spent a lot of time traveling to Burlington.
Sadly, I don't think I ever took pictures except the 24th of July.

That is us with Sara's daughters Emma and Maddie.

That is Ross' brother Phillip dressed as one of the Davidson relatives.

We had a really fun summer. Our fall is going to be just as good.
School is keeping us very busy but we still make time for the fun stuff.