Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Twinkie Dogs and a Birthday Boy!

A few weeks ago, our ward held a service auction to the help the young women get ready for Girls Camp. Ross and I came back with some very exciting services. We were lucky enough to win a twinkie dog dinner. What is a twinkie dog? Good question. A twinkie dog is a hot dog inside of a twinkie covered in easy cheese. Sounds good right? Well I didn't really think so but when I tried it I actually thought that it was pretty good. 
 The famous twinkie dog 
 Bishop and his twinkie dog. 
 Ross was thrilled about this. He was talking about it for awhile. 
 Madison and I enjoying the twinkie dogs. Madison really liked it, but I think she was just eating the twinkie.
The best part of the evening was the comedy show from Bishop's son, Jason. He did a great job. I was laughing the whole time. I probably looked like a crazy person just laughing and laughing, but it was hilarious. I was so glad we could be a part of his first audience. 

 Ross' birthday is on Friday, so we decided to celebrate today, since I will hopefully be heading up to Burlington to help Diana set up for her prom. I made a cheesecake and a berry topping and then we opened some presents. We weren't able sing to Ross or blow out candles. That was a little disappointing, but it was fun to have Ross open some presents. 
 Ross had Brad and Stella help him open them. They were so excited to give Ross his 26 birthday spankings. 
Madison and I got Ross a soccer ball, a golf thing, and a pair of shorts. It was a little funny that Ross opened a pair of shorts because it is snowing and very windy outside. Hopefully he'll be able to wear them some day. 

 Ross had to explain to Brad and Stella what it was. Phillip and Braidy got Ross a nice cooler and Grandma Bea got him a book. It was fun to open those. 
 Madison was enjoying the cheesecake. 
The two May birthdays. Ross was telling Madison today, how great it was that they both have May birthdays. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Break

We were very glad to travel for Burlington for Easter break. We were able to leave on Wednesday and come back on Saturday. It was nice to see everyone and be able to spend a lot of time outside since it was so nice. We drove with Braidy and the kids because Phillip was at an interview in California. The traveling went great and we all had a fun time. The trip back was especially great since we had 4 tired kiddos. 

 While we were there we were able to spend time with Emma. She drove a car out to Burlington for Todd. I was so glad to see her. I liked this picture also. 
 We had a good time dying Easter eggs. Brad and Stella had a fun time also. They were very excited about them. 
 Grandma Bea gave me a glitter eggs kit. I thought that it was so neat! I have always seen these in the store and wanted to get them, but I was always a little hesitant. They turned out really beautiful though. I am going to get this kit again next year. 
 I made this egg for Ross thinking that he would love it. He really liked it. I picked his favorite colors out too. 
 It was fun to relax with the kids and spend time outside. Bronson and Madison were both very happy to be on my lap. Madison liked seeing Bronson a lot. 
 Madison and I before the Easter egg hunt. 
 Anne hid some eggs outside with a little bit of candy in them. It was fun to take the kids around looking for them. 
 Brad's smile shows how excited he was! 
 Madison and I selectively picked an egg that had candy in it. 
 I really liked this picture of Anne. I was glad we were able to go and visit her. It worked out well that they were off of school too. It is nice to be pretty close. 
 Diana and Madison. Madison was pretty rude to everyone who tried to hold her. Sorry to everyone tried to hold her.
 Emma and I on the couch. 
 Ross, Madison and I. Ross enjoyed doing lots of projects around the house. 
Dwight, Anne, Diana, Madison and I, and Emma during the egg hunt. 

We had a great time in Burlington this weekend. It is always nice to see family. 

We didn't do much to celebrate Easter today. Both Ross and I enjoy celebrating the life of Jesus Christ. This morning we watched this video. It meant a lot to me. My thoughts have been all over the place this week. Fifteen years ago was the Columbine shooting. My Easter thoughts are directed more toward this event and to the influence of Jesus Christ in my life and in the lives of my family, especially Mary and Will. They were witnesses that day of many horrible things on that day, but they have been healed and pieced back together because of Jesus Christ. Their faith is so strong and I admire that each day. Their strong testimonies and courage has strengthened me and given me a hope that I will always hold close to me. 
I know that Christ lives. I hope that we can all embrace the peace and hope that He gives. 
Happy Easter. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spaghetti Faces

Madison and I have really caught Spring Fever. We are ready for the weather to get warmer. It was very nice on Friday, but it didn't take long for Wyoming to come back to winter. It snowed most of the day Sunday and it was cold today. Hopefully we can enjoy Spring again soon. 
We have been spacing out our errands so we can do one a day. That gives us a great opportunity to leave the house. Madison has enjoyed being outside again also. I just can't wait any longer for nice weather to come. 
 This is Madison's favorite place to hang out these days. It makes me a little nervous because she falls a lot, but she is pretty cute. 
Janet gave Madison this onsie right before she left on her mission. It says "Awesome Like Auntie!" It is pretty cute. It is still pretty big though.
 It seems like Madison spends most of the day in her high chair. She loves to eat. It is nice because I always get a lot done while she is eating. 

 Ross likes to tease Madison while she is eating. He always begs her to give some of it to him. She likes to take it and eat it. If she doesn't like it she will always feed it to Ross. 
 She feeds it to Ross when she gets sick of it too. 

 While I was talking on the phone to my dad, Madison found some weights and was playing with them. Ross thought it was pretty funny, so he caught a picture. This is one of my favorites of Madison. 

 Today I decided that Madison was ready for a sandwich. She has been doing better at taking bits and chewing so we thought that we would give it a try. 

She pulled the meet and cheese out. 
Then grabbed the bread too and decided to get a bite of all of it. 
Then the meat fell out of her mouth so she tried to grab it. It took her awhile to figure out that she should put either the sandwich or the binky down. She kept trying to bit it with her mouth. It made my day. 
 So I continued to take pictures of this event because it was just hilarious. Madison is pretty funny when she eats. 
 Today we had Ziti. It is hamburger, pasta, spaghetti sauce and cheese. When we put it on the table Madison started kicking her legs and reaching her arms toward us making the funniest noises. She was very happy to get some dinner. Even though she had already enjoyed two jars of baby food. 
 After dinner, Madison went straight to the bathtub. She loves to touch her hair and everything while she eats. 

I had this picture of me when I was enjoying some spaghetti as a baby. I think I know where Madison got her chubby cheeks from. And I should be grateful that I had to clean Madison up and not me. I was a mess! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Madison's Newest Trick

I have been experiencing some serious spring fever lately. It has been looking beautiful outside, but actually has been pretty windy and a little cold. We haven't had very much snow. I think it will come soon. It is crazy to think that a year ago Ross and I were moving all of our stuff out to Laramie and it was a serious blizzard. Everything closed and some how we made it Burlington in our little green Saturn. 

Madison is 11 months old today. I can't believe it. It has flown by. She is pulling herself up and crawling all over the place. It is so fun to watch her learn. Sadly she has been throwing more fits lately too. 

Ross has been busy with school and doing activities with the Scouts. He had an immunization training on Saturday. He was a little nervous that they had to practice giving shots on each other. He handled it well though. 

I watched conference this weekend and enjoyed rearranging our new furniture. I was so happy to hear that Ross' cousin Hanna was selling her couches. We had been storing them for her since we moved her. I fell in love with them when we got them so I was glad we could finally buy them from her. 

Madison has been talking a lot lately. I really enjoy hearing it. This is a video of her first word. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 A few weeks ago, Ross went on a camp out with the Scouts from our ward. They are all 12 and 13 years old. He had a really good time with them and their dads. They camped in the other leaders backyard, but he lives 20 miles outside of town. It is very pretty and basically like actual camping. Well anyway, they were going to go on a hike on the Saturday, but the weather was bad so they decided to work on the metal working merit badge. Ross was so excited to show me my present when he came home from the camp out
He made me this barbecue grill. I was a little surprised that he made this for me. I guess I thought that he was the grill master in the family. 
 It later came out that all of the scouts wanted to put their initials on it. Ross decided to put HD on it because the H is a lot easier on than doing an R. 
 His HD turned out really nice. I am excited to grill on it this summer. I am actually determined to learn the art of grilling. Hopefully I will be successful. 
Close up of the HD. I thought it turned out really well. Thanks for the gift Ross! I love you! 
I took this cute video of Madison and Ross yesterday. They were having so much fun playing. I love hearing her little laugh. I am so glad that I have Ross and Madison in my life. They make me so happy and I love being with them! Please excuse the bad video.