Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wonderful Week

This has been an excellent week! Ross and I were excited for Labor Day because both of us had the day off of work and we were finally able to do something fun!

Ross has been begging me to go to Jackson, Wyoming. Our Bishop told us about a great hike around Jenny's lake.

We went to Jackson with a couple from our ward.

This is before the hike technically started. Brock wanted to take the boat over to the other side of the lake instead of hiking. I wasn't opposed to his idea at all.

Jenny's Lake is beautiful!! I loved the clear water and the trees surrounding it.

We hiked to the Hidden Falls behind Jenny's Lake. It was an incredible view. Ross and I have discovered our love for waterfalls this summer.
After hiking to the Hidden Falls, we hiked to Inspiration Point. There was an excellent view of the Tetons. I was so grateful that it wasn't smokey. They are so beautiful.

Of course we had to stop and get our picture here because that is just what everyone does.

Ross and I were excited that Emma, Janet and Leanna were able to stay with us. It was fun to have a full one bedroom apartment.

Janet said that she was really going to like the college life.

Ross loved taking Emma and Janet to move in and get settled. He kept saying that he was excited to act like their father-figure. Ross enjoyed taking them to the grocery store. He is like a paparazzi and got a sneaking picture of them. They had no idea.
Emma is still stuck in Hawaii-mode. She has been wearing flip flops everywhere. Ross and Emma had to trade shoes for her to get her i-card. Ross and I decided that it would be best if we confiscated them for a little bit until she gets into the habit.

We had an eventful week in Rexburg. We are looking forward to starting school this week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Part Two

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our summer vacations.

These are from Manassa, Colorado.

My favorite part about being in Colorado was meeting and seeing the family again! I always enjoy seeing Aunt Ruth! She is an amazing woman and an excellent cook! I also loved meeting Uncle Wayne! He made me laugh all day! I loved getting to know him!
This picture was taken on the Ferris Wheel.

Hannah, Grandma, and Ross

On the way back from Manassa we stopped in Denver to see my family! We had delicious Indian food with my Dad, Melodie and Rachel. Rachel is full of personality! I love her!
Rachel would only take a serious picture if we could take a funny one after. This picture is too cute for words!

I enjoyed my short trip with my family but, it was exciting to head back to Burlington because Todd was coming home! Todd was in the Philippines on his mission for the past two years.

The complete family.

I was impressed at how many people came to the airport to welcome Todd. There was someone from almost every Davidson family in Burlington!
Ross and I with Todd!
Ross decided that the only proper greeting for Todd would be to decorate the Celica. Ross parked it at the end of the road and Todd was so impressed that he made us pull over so that he could ride up to the house in style.

The two loves of Ross' life.