Monday, April 18, 2011


This past week we went to Colorado because we had a week off before school started up again for me. We hadn't been back to Colorado since the wedding. We were excited to have some sunny weather. We were also looking forward to my sister Mary having her baby girl, bringing my bike back for the summer, eating lots of good food, and mainly going toThis is like my favorite place in the whole world!Wyatt likes to dance a lot. It is funny.
Ross likes to sit on my lap.
This is Wyatt and I waiting at the hospital
for baby Moriah. It was a long day.
Wyatt and I colored a little bit.
Wyatt taught us the double. He would
walk around with both in his mouth. It was adorable.


Lately we have been eating a lot of applesauce.
Its almost really gross how much apple sauce we eat but its amazing.
We love it.
When we went to the store last week we found this monster can.

This is the can next to our can opener.
Once we got home we realized we might not have a way to open it
since it is the mother of all cans.Luckily, I have the best husband ever! He opened the can with a knife I think.
It was out of control.
He was so proud of how he opened that can!
I was so proud!