Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We have been catching up on real life since we are back in Laramie. I have also been enjoying my new phone. We all caught colds too so we have been recovering from those as well. Here are a pictures of our week. 

For Family home evening yesterday we talked about prayer and Madison practiced folding her arms and bowing her head. It was adorable. I was about to cry the whole time. 
We went to the Laramie River greenbelt and walked around on the path. We had a lot of fun. I snapped this gem of Ross and Madison. They are adorable. 

Phillip watched Madison for us so that we could go on a date to the Wyoming football game. It was wild. We had fun and we only froze a little bit. We were both glad that Cowboys won! We also went to a volleyball game with Madison and she loved it. It is fun to watch her watch sports. She follows them really well. 

Madison was climbing up the slide at the park. She has always been a good climber. Phillip, Ross and I were impressed at how far she could get up there. 
We went to watch some of the kids from church play football. Madison just kept clapping and watching. It was fun to watch them play. I think that will be the warmest game of the season. 

 Ross was thrilled to see that America's funniest home videos was on Netflix. He loves that show and so does Madison. She just sat there and watched it. She didn't like the section when the babies tried new foods and made funny faces. 
Ross was so happy that Madison loved it. 
 Madison lifting weights. 
The other day Madison and I made a fort and watched a movie. My fort was pretty bad, but she liked crawling under it and playing. I enjoyed watching Frozen while she played.