Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We are now residents of Laramie, Wyoming! It is weird to think that we will be living here for the next three years. I am excited for the change. I am especially excited to be living so close to Phillip, Braidy, Brad and Stella. I also really enjoy seeing Ross' cousins that live here. There seems to be quite the group of us.
 Ross and Madison were enjoying time together on Saturday afternoon. It is nice to have Ross home more. We actually see him a lot right now. I know that will change as the semester gets busier, but we are loving every minute of it!
 Ross is ready for his first day of school! I know that I was way more excited than he was. It is totally easy being excited about the first day of school when you don't actually have to go to it.
 We live 5 doors down from Phillip and Braidy. It is so fun. I love it. Brad wanted me to take a picture of him yesterday. I asked him to smile and he did this. Close I guess.
I love the way that Madison is staring at Brad like "What are you doing?" She loves to have Brad and Stella around. Stella is always sweet and sharing her toys with her.
 Caught chewing on my monkey. This is her favorite toy. She loves to eat it.
Love them
This is the cutest face. I love it. I am so glad that I get to spend all my time taking care of this cute little girl! She is so fun to be around.


We have finally settled in Laramie, Wyoming. We showed up in Laramie on Tuesday and Ross had his orientation for Pharmacy School on Wednesday. It was a little stressful but with the help of Phillip and Braidy we were able to get all settled in! It is nice to be here! 

The weather is great and Madison is doing very well! It is so nice for her to have her own room. She is taking better naps during the day and usually only waking up once a night. 

I haven't got many pictures of our apartment yet but I am planning on doing that next week. 

Here are some random pictures from the past few months. 

 Madison and June Young at the Davidson Family Reunion. I think that they will be great friends someday!
 While we were in Billings we went bowling. Ross bowled his best score ever. 214. It was exciting and would have been better if Madison didn't scream the whole time.
 During my trip to Colorado, Madison enjoyed doing yoga with her Opa. It was great to be there for a little bit.
We took a nice family picture at the hospital waiting room. I liked this waiting room because they had a nice couch. They also had cake for everyone on one of the days.
Uncle Todd and Madison. I thought that this was the best picture ever! Madison loves her Uncle Todd.

Becca and Tyler's Wedding

It is sad that it has taken me so long to get this post up, but life has been crazy. Now we are finally starting to settle down.

Madison and I went to Colorado at the end of July to be there for my best friend Rebecca's wedding. 

Becca is basically the most amazing person I know. She has really has had an incredible impact on my life. Becca is always so happy and full of life and everyone around her can feel her happy personality. While I was going through difficult times, she was always there for me. She has been a light throughout the darkness of life. We became good friends on our trip to Spain. It was fun to spend so much time together and see the different sites in Spain. I love Becca and I am so glad to be in her life. 

At the rehearsal dinner. (Sorry again that I was so late!)

Getting ready for the big day! The wedding day was incredible! Two hairstylists were at Becca's house that morning doing everyone's hair. It was fun! I felt bad for the lady that did my hair since my hair is so thick. She did a great job though.
Classic mirror pic
Madison did great throughout the whole day! My sister Emma came and watched her during the ceremony. She slept through most of it and wasn't really fussy during the other parts.
Becca and Tyler's first dance. Adorable.

I am so excited for their choice to be married! I am glad that I was able to be there with you guys. 
I love you both!! Thanks for letting Madison and I celebrate with you!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ross' dad passed away after a long battle with cancer and side effects of a bone marrow transplant. He fought until the very end. He was an amazing example to all of us. Mark taught us all how to work and how to serve. He lived a life that anyone would be proud of. I am grateful to have the knowledge of eternal families. I know that we will be reunited some day as an eternal family unit. 

I am so grateful that we were able to live in Burlington this summer. I was able to get to know Mark better. I am glad that Madison had the opportunity to meet her Grandpa. I wish that she would be able to remember it.  I have put together a few of my favorite pictures of Mark.
 Mark had Janet send me this picture last summer. It had the caption "Wishing you were here" 
He loved his grandchildren so much. 
I'm grateful for his example to us. He lived an incredible life.