Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two 24-year-olds

On Monday night Ross came home from home teaching with giant grin on his face. I was a little concerned because this look only comes when a certain topic is brought up. I hardly mention the C-word (Celica) because he gets ideas that are a little wild and it kind of scares me. 

Well, anyways the family that Ross home teaches decided to sell their 1988 Toyota Corolla. 
Insert giant Ross grin and concerned Hannah face.

We bought the Corolla. It runs very well and gets 34 miles per gallon. This will be perfect if Ross has to drive to Rigby or Idaho Falls for an internship.

Ross and his dream machine. 
Last week, I made cookies with Janet. We had a really good time. We took the plate to some friends and family around Rexburg. Nice apron JanSTAR#1! 
We made candy cane cookies. They were difficult because the dough wasn't really firm. It was frustrating. I was glad Emma and Janet finished them. 
The classics 

 Here are a few pictures from my trip to Dallas in November. This is in front of the Dallas temple with John and Cassandra!
 This is a picture of me at the hospital that I was born at! It was pretty close to where John and Cassandra live. It was great to see them and fun to be in Dallas. I am glad that I was able to go.

Finally, school is over! We are so excited! On Friday, we went bowling. We bowled 5 games on the 4th game Ross got a 199! We were so excited that he beat his high of 198!

We are heading to Burlington this week and I can't wait! It seems like it has been so long since we have been there!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend in Laramie

This week has been stressful!  We have finals next week and we took a surprise trip to Laramie, Wyoming. On Friday, Ross had an interview with the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy. We were excited to see Phillip, Braidy, Brad and Stella. It was great to see them!
 Here are some pictures from our trip

Brad thought that laying on the air mattress next to me was hilarious. I honestly have no idea why. 

Two Cheesers. Brad and Phillip. 

 Brad and Janet

We made gingerbread cookies for their ward party. We decorated some of them to look like us. It was fun. Thanks for the picture Braidy. 

Ross and Stella

Janet and Brad again 

 Phillip, Stella, Janet, Brad, me and Ross before church. Thanks again Braidy.

We had a blast in Laramie. I am hoping that we move there!
Life will be less stressed after the 14th. Ross has lots of finals, but I only have final projects and they should be complete by Tuesday. I am excited for Christmas break because we are going to both Wyoming and Colorado.
In other news, I am pregnant. I am due in May and we are very excited.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


 Halloween really crept up on us this year. We decided to be nerds this year. It was a fun ward Halloween party. There were lots of people there and lots of good snacks.
 I made this wreath for our door to get ready for Halloween. I think it is adorable. It was really easy to make. I got the idea off a blog. Ross really likes it also.
 We have been receiving packages in the mail from some trouble makers in Wyoming. On Thursday night we checked the mail and this was in it.
 Sarah and her daughters put the rotten apples in plastic bags, but one of them leaked. The postal service wrapped it in cling wrap and taped it. We were so confused when we opened the mailbox. The package smelled awful. Ross was about to throw up.
 The first package had an umbrella full of confetti. I knew something was up, but Ross wasn't sure. I told him to be careful opening. Luckily, it didn't get all over our floor.
 Ross is proud of how big his pumpkin is. We enjoyed using the nice carving set from Mark and Anne. It made our pumpkins turn our very well. I tried to make mine look like a girl pumpkin. Someone told me it looked like a Jamaican.
Todd came out and visited us. He was being a Halloween Grinch and didn't want to carve a pumpkin. It was fun to have him here.

We are still busy with school. I am going to Dallas next weekend to help with the first 5k race. I am excited to see John and Cassandra. They just moved there is October. Ross has been working very hard in school. He is working on Saturdays at the Pharmacy and is working on applying to schools for the fall!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wonderful Week

This has been an excellent week! Ross and I were excited for Labor Day because both of us had the day off of work and we were finally able to do something fun!

Ross has been begging me to go to Jackson, Wyoming. Our Bishop told us about a great hike around Jenny's lake.

We went to Jackson with a couple from our ward.

This is before the hike technically started. Brock wanted to take the boat over to the other side of the lake instead of hiking. I wasn't opposed to his idea at all.

Jenny's Lake is beautiful!! I loved the clear water and the trees surrounding it.

We hiked to the Hidden Falls behind Jenny's Lake. It was an incredible view. Ross and I have discovered our love for waterfalls this summer.
After hiking to the Hidden Falls, we hiked to Inspiration Point. There was an excellent view of the Tetons. I was so grateful that it wasn't smokey. They are so beautiful.

Of course we had to stop and get our picture here because that is just what everyone does.

Ross and I were excited that Emma, Janet and Leanna were able to stay with us. It was fun to have a full one bedroom apartment.

Janet said that she was really going to like the college life.

Ross loved taking Emma and Janet to move in and get settled. He kept saying that he was excited to act like their father-figure. Ross enjoyed taking them to the grocery store. He is like a paparazzi and got a sneaking picture of them. They had no idea.
Emma is still stuck in Hawaii-mode. She has been wearing flip flops everywhere. Ross and Emma had to trade shoes for her to get her i-card. Ross and I decided that it would be best if we confiscated them for a little bit until she gets into the habit.

We had an eventful week in Rexburg. We are looking forward to starting school this week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Part Two

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our summer vacations.

These are from Manassa, Colorado.

My favorite part about being in Colorado was meeting and seeing the family again! I always enjoy seeing Aunt Ruth! She is an amazing woman and an excellent cook! I also loved meeting Uncle Wayne! He made me laugh all day! I loved getting to know him!
This picture was taken on the Ferris Wheel.

Hannah, Grandma, and Ross

On the way back from Manassa we stopped in Denver to see my family! We had delicious Indian food with my Dad, Melodie and Rachel. Rachel is full of personality! I love her!
Rachel would only take a serious picture if we could take a funny one after. This picture is too cute for words!

I enjoyed my short trip with my family but, it was exciting to head back to Burlington because Todd was coming home! Todd was in the Philippines on his mission for the past two years.

The complete family.

I was impressed at how many people came to the airport to welcome Todd. There was someone from almost every Davidson family in Burlington!
Ross and I with Todd!
Ross decided that the only proper greeting for Todd would be to decorate the Celica. Ross parked it at the end of the road and Todd was so impressed that he made us pull over so that he could ride up to the house in style.

The two loves of Ross' life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Fun

We have had a busy Summer! It has been so busy that there has been no time at all to blog about it. I wish that were actually true. I just am still a blog-slacker. Ross and I have made a goal and an effort to take pictures and be better bloggers.

There have been many exciting things that we have done throughout the past months.

In June, my sister Emma returned from her mission in New York City. It was so exciting to see her. She left right after Ross and I were married.

Ross and I hiking "R" mountain with Cassandra and Emma.

Good thing we weren't pioneers because we turned around before actually making it to the top. It was getting hot.

Emma, Cassandra and Hannah
Above Hannah is going for a piece of candy that was shot from a water balloon sling shot at Bishop Kohler's summer bash.

We went to Chick-fil-a to get free meals for dressing up like cows. I really don't even know what to say about this picture. The milk jug was Ross' idea.

In July, we celebrated my 21st birthday. My mom and Emma came up to celebrate with us.

I have been making a lot of cookies lately because I get bored on Sunday afternoons when Ross has meetings. I think he is going to start scheduling more.

Over the 24th of July, Ross and I were able to go to Colorado with Anne to visit Grandma Christensen. It was great to see her again! While we were there we went to this wonderful house in Antonito, CO.

We also enjoyed spending time with Ross' cousins. Our favorite part was going to the Demolition Derby. It gave Ross too many wild ideas.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ross decided that I needed to start blogging again before I get to the on year anniversary since I have last blogged. He was right.

Here is a recap on the past months:
Elder's Quorum President
Relief Society Counselor
Christmas in Colorado
News Years in Idaho
School, School, School
New niece Stella
Hannah gets all A's
Stella's Baby blessing in Logan
Ross has no cavities
Hannah gets released as Relief Society Counselor
School, School, School
Called as Family History Committee Co-Chairman
Hannah indexed 1,041 names in one week

This finally brings us to Memorial Day!

Over Memorial Day we had the excellent opportunity to go to Ohio with my dad, Melodie and little sister, Rachel.

Terra and Josh

They were heading out their for my cousin Terra's wedding. Terra and I are the same age.
She is awesome and she married a great guy! It was fun to go to Ohio again and see the family. It had been years. I was excited to introduce them to Ross.

Ross, Aunt Glenna, Rachel, Me, Grandpa Jones and Grandma Jones at Terra's reception. The reception was on the farm and it was beautiful!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip! My dad, Ross and I were all fighting over driving the golf cart from the reception to the parking lot!

Rachel and I at the temple.
She was sick of pictures after being in Portugal for two weeks.


In front of the Newel K. Whitney Store.

In the store.

At the visitor's center

In front of the Kirtland Temple

The green doors at the temple.

While we were visiting all of these sites, I felt so much gratitude for the early Saints and their efforts to come to Zion. I felt the assurance that Joseph Smith was the prophet and he restored the gospel. I have been given many opportunities through the gospel.

To learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Joseph Smith please visit