Wednesday, November 20, 2013

 Really nothing is new here. Ross has been busy working on school and I have been sewing, taking care of Madison and cooking a lot. Braidy and I went to Cheyenne last week to do some Christmas shopping. I got a lot done! Madison came with us and she was very well behaved. It was amazing. I'm glad to know I will have a little shopping buddy! It was nice to get out of Laramie for an afternoon.

 Ross and Madison love to cuddle! I think that Madison looks a lot like Ross in this picture.

 My dad and Melodie sent out an awesome package with Halloween candy and some outfits for Madison! I love this outfit. It really is too cute! I love the way she is smiling too.

 Madison and Ross

I have been pulling out some 6-9 month clothes even though they are a little big. I love this outfit that my mom gave her. It had the cutest little cheetah print pants. She looked so cute in it.

I am excited for Thanksgiving it will be nice to go home for a little bit.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Six Month Madison!

It is amazing to me how fast the past 6 months have gone! It really seemed like yesterday when I woke Ross up in the middle of the night and told him that I thought I was in labor. Madison is a little bundle of joy. She is so happy and smiley. She doesn't weigh very much, but she is tall. We keep joking that her new cousin Bronson will weigh more than her in 2 months. I am grateful for each day we get to spend together.

 I was folding laundry last week and Madison was just hanging out. I love that she is crossing her legs.
 Lately, when Madison gets really excited she will open her mouth like this and squeal. I was very glad I caught it on camera.
 Here is another picture of it.

 I am so glad that Madison is happy pretty much all of the time. That makes my life so much easier. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This weekend we said the actual last goodbye to Janet since she is leaving for her mission tomorrow. It seems like for the past year Janet has just been a really big part of our lives. We have done a lot with her. It has been so much fun to get to know her. 

Here are a bunch of great Janet Davidson memories! 

 Janet was the first person that we told that we were going to have a baby! She was very excited! She was also the first person to come and see Madison. She had physical therapy in Cody she came by after.
 Ross took Emma and Janet around to show them their classes and help them get their ID cards at BYU-Idaho. Our year together in Rexburg was really great. We were sad that Janet hurt her knee, but she really worked hard to get better.
 Janet and Diana are really a great team. They tease each other such but they are both just a blast to be around. I am glad that I have them both as sister-in-laws.
 I took this picture this summer while we were in Burlington. I really wanted to test out my new camera so Janet posed with Dwight. Her and I both really enjoy taking pictures. I am excited to see the pictures that she'll bring home from her mission.
 Ross and Todd were trying to jump the lawn mower, so Janet and I just were mocking them. This is a really great picture of Janet!
 Her and Todd both really loved the bed in our room in Burlington. It was actually kind of weird.
 JanSTAR#1 is Janet's Wii character name. It has become a really great nickname for her. She is pretty good at Just Dance but I won't tell her that because she'll let all of us hear about it.
 How could you not love that face? (I have lots of pictures of it, but this one was my favorite.)
 Janet loves Madison. She always likes to hold her even when she is pretty fussy.

Janet is a great example for me. She has had a strong desire to serve. When she hurt her knee she was so disappointed that she would have to wait to go on her mission, but she kept working hard so that she would be able to go. She wasn't going to give up! I'm glad we could spend so much time together in Rexburg and in Burlington. She will be a wonderful missionary. 

We love you Janet! We are so proud of you!
This weekend was awesome! It all started out by that cute little Bronson joining the family! He sure is sweet! After Bronson came, Braidy's mom Carol and her sister Abby and her daughter Andee hurried out to Laramie. It was very nice to see them! I hadn't seen them since Stella's baby blessing. Then on Saturday afternoon Anne, Janet and Diana came down! They were in Casper for the State Volleyball tournament. 

Sadly, I only took 2 pictures this whole weekend. It turned out that they both were of Diana.

 Diana and Bronson
 I wanted to get a cute picture of Diana and Madison while she was wearing her Burlington Husky shirt. Madison always really likes Diana. I think that it is because they are kind of similar. On Monday, Madison stuck her toes in her mouth. Ross always talks about how Diana used to do that. Ross told Madison to enjoy the flexibility because it won't last long!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bronson Pete Davidson

We woke up this morning to great news! We had another nephew. It seems like the streak of girls finally ended Bronson Pete Davidson. 

I was watching Brad and Stella while Braidy and Phillip went in. It was quite an experience. They are wonderful kids. Three kids is a handful. Especially since Madison is so needy. It has been fun though. I love hearing Brad's funny stories and Stella loves to sit on my lap. It makes me feel great. 

After Brad's preschool Ross and I took all the kiddos to meet Bronson! Brad and Stella were excited and Madison was just happy to be held. The hospital seemed nice. I was jealous that Braidy got the big 20 oz. cup. When I had Madison I only got a 12 oz. one.
 Madison just enjoying being a big kid since she isn't the littlest baby anymore. That didn't last long on either side. 12 days in my family and 6 months in Ross'
 Phillip with all of the kids. Bradford is such a cheeser.
 Cute little Bronson. I think he does look a lot like Bradford did when he was a baby.
 Stella loves babies and was so excited to be holding Bronson's feet. It was really sweet.
Phillip and Stella holding Bronson. I think both Stella and Bradford will be great older siblings to Bronson! We are glad that he made it here safely!