Monday, September 30, 2013

We have been busy lately. My mom came out last week to visit us. After she left she accidentally took my camera so I couldn't post these pictures sooner. It was fun to see her. She really spoiled us. It was fun to see her. It is nice to have family so close.
 She bought Madison this new toy. It has been fun for her to play with. She loves that the elephant sings.
 We told my mom to let Madison get used to her first before she attempted to hold her. Madison is very attached to Ross and I. Hopefully she'll get better at seeing other people soon.
In my free time I have been trying to learn Spanish. We got the Rosetta Stone program. It has been really fun. I have enjoyed it. Ross has been quizzing me on the different vocabulary words. I also have been crocheting. I made Madison this hat the other day. I used a great tutorial I found on youtube. It was very easy to do because my mom taught me when I was a teenager.
 I also made this headband. I found the tutorial on pinterest. It was really easy also. I think I am going to try to make some other things today. I got some more yarn at the store so I can finally use a different color.
 We took some family pictures a few weeks ago. I wish that Madison was looking at the camera or at least smiling but I think that it turned out too. I printed some out to put on our walls. Madison finally made it on our walls! It only took 5 months.
 I love this picture of us. She is a great baby. It is fun to hang out with her all day!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This past weekend we went to the football game. We were so lucky because Braidy offered to watch Madison. I get nervous to leave Madison because I know that she can be a little stinker sometimes. She is a pretty good baby overall. We stayed for the first half and then left because Madison was hungry. It was nice to get out! We had a lot of fun. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because it looked like it was going to rain when we left and I didn't want my camera to get wet. 
Here are some pictures of our week. 

 Ross and Stella were studying the other day. Stella sure is fun to have around! She loves Madison. It is very sweet.

 Ross is trying to train the Davidson girls to become Pharmacists. He likes to hold Madison while he studies. She usually enjoys it a lot.
 Madison is trying to fit in with all of these University of Wyoming people. I think that she does a pretty good job.
Today was an exciting day because Madison finally rolled over!  I had been waiting for this to come. She was really close there for awhile but she didn't really have much interest. Today I put her down for some tummy time and she just rolled right over. It was exciting. I also caught this video of it. 
I don't know why the video is being so weird. This is the first one I have put on from my camera.
I was very proud of her. It is amazing how much babies learn so quickly. Today we also went to the "Book Babies" group at the library. It was fun to do the songs and read the stories that they had. Madison really enjoyed some of them. I am glad that we went.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lake Owen

We wanted to do something fun this weekend, but we weren't sure what to do. We thought about going to the UW football game but it had been raining a lot in the afternoon. We didn't want Madison to be out in the rain. We decided to go for a little adventure to Lake Owen so Ross and I packed a picnic. It was about 40 miles away, but we thought it would be good to explore before it gets cold. I'm glad that we did it because it has been rainy all day today. 

 We got a little lost trying to find the lake. Nothing was marked very well, but that made it kind of fun. Luckily Madison was asleep the whole time so it didn't really matter.
 Madison did a great job putting up with her parents adventure. She slept the whole way there and back when she was awake during our picnic she was very happy. I think she'll be adventurous also.
 The view of the lake. It was small but that made it nice and relaxing.
 The trail around the lake was great! We were able to push Madison around in the stroller. It was nice that we were able to do that. Otherwise it would have probably been less fun.
 Another view of the lake.
 Me on the trail
 Madison at our picnic spot. She really was enjoying being outside. The Laramie winter might be difficult on her.
 Ross and Madison
 This was by the parking lot. It was fun to take pictures on.


Friday, September 6, 2013


Madison has been laughing a lot lately. I love it! I was lucky enough to catch this on video the other day. I was debating putting it up because it makes me sound weird. (The sacrifices that we make for our children) I am very lucky to have such a happy and sweet baby! She is very fun!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yesterday we went to an appointment for Madison. I was very excited for them to measure her and weigh her. We had been doing test weights on our scale. (One would hop on take their weight then add her.)
Madison weighs 11 lbs 12 oz and is 24 inches long. She is a little string bean. The nurse told me not to be concerned because this common. I told the nurse that if she saw Madison's dad she'd say, "Oh that is where she gets it from!" Ross informed me that is pretty common for Davidsons to be long and skinny. 

In other news, we had our first set of out of town visitors! I was thrilled that my Dad, Melodie, Emma and Rachel stopped in on the way home from Utah. It was very exciting to see them!
 Emma and Madison
 Opa and Madison
 They brought our pictures from Colorado. We had a few cheap frames that I didn't really like. I decided to spray paint them and hang them in Madison's room. I saw the idea on pinterest of course. Ross didn't really love it but I thought it looked alright. We both agreed that we would have liked it better if we didn't have white walls.
 When I took the picture of the frames I got this cute one too!
 Sitting in the rocking chair from Grandma! Thanks again!
Playing in the toy from Omi and Opa.

Monday, September 2, 2013

I put Madison down for a nap the other day. When I came to check on her I found her like this.  
 It is amazing that she moved that much because I put her down in the middle and the opposite way.
 Madison sure is a little wiggler.
 We went down to Fort Collins on Saturday to see my friend Becca and her husband Tyler. It was nice to see them! They had an adorable apartment! I loved seeing it! We went out to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant. 
 Ross had the day off of school for Labor Day. It was nice to have him home even though it has been hard to let him study. He has been working hard and really enjoying his classes. I am glad that he has liked them so much.