Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two 24-year-olds

On Monday night Ross came home from home teaching with giant grin on his face. I was a little concerned because this look only comes when a certain topic is brought up. I hardly mention the C-word (Celica) because he gets ideas that are a little wild and it kind of scares me. 

Well, anyways the family that Ross home teaches decided to sell their 1988 Toyota Corolla. 
Insert giant Ross grin and concerned Hannah face.

We bought the Corolla. It runs very well and gets 34 miles per gallon. This will be perfect if Ross has to drive to Rigby or Idaho Falls for an internship.

Ross and his dream machine. 
Last week, I made cookies with Janet. We had a really good time. We took the plate to some friends and family around Rexburg. Nice apron JanSTAR#1! 
We made candy cane cookies. They were difficult because the dough wasn't really firm. It was frustrating. I was glad Emma and Janet finished them. 
The classics 

 Here are a few pictures from my trip to Dallas in November. This is in front of the Dallas temple with John and Cassandra!
 This is a picture of me at the hospital that I was born at! It was pretty close to where John and Cassandra live. It was great to see them and fun to be in Dallas. I am glad that I was able to go.

Finally, school is over! We are so excited! On Friday, we went bowling. We bowled 5 games on the 4th game Ross got a 199! We were so excited that he beat his high of 198!

We are heading to Burlington this week and I can't wait! It seems like it has been so long since we have been there!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend in Laramie

This week has been stressful!  We have finals next week and we took a surprise trip to Laramie, Wyoming. On Friday, Ross had an interview with the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy. We were excited to see Phillip, Braidy, Brad and Stella. It was great to see them!
 Here are some pictures from our trip

Brad thought that laying on the air mattress next to me was hilarious. I honestly have no idea why. 

Two Cheesers. Brad and Phillip. 

 Brad and Janet

We made gingerbread cookies for their ward party. We decorated some of them to look like us. It was fun. Thanks for the picture Braidy. 

Ross and Stella

Janet and Brad again 

 Phillip, Stella, Janet, Brad, me and Ross before church. Thanks again Braidy.

We had a blast in Laramie. I am hoping that we move there!
Life will be less stressed after the 14th. Ross has lots of finals, but I only have final projects and they should be complete by Tuesday. I am excited for Christmas break because we are going to both Wyoming and Colorado.
In other news, I am pregnant. I am due in May and we are very excited.