Monday, February 2, 2015

Wild Bunch Weekend

This weekend we were excited to have some visitors come to Laramie. My Dad, Melodie, and Rachel came up on Saturday to watch Wyoming play Nevada on Saturday afternoon. Ross and I were both excited to see them, but Madison was especially excited to see Rachel. We had a blast at the game with them. Rachel loved having Madison sitting on her lap. It was nice for me too! I was glad that I could enjoy the game a little bit more. 

Melodie took this picture on her phone and we sent it in to be put onto the big screen. We were shocked that we actually made it. We went to church on Sunday and someone told us that we were famous. It was very exciting. 

Ross and Madison at the game!
 Rachel and Madison. 
 Madison was eating some cheese the other day while wearing her hat. It was really cute. 
 Madison and Ross love to play the piano together. 
Last Monday, the weather was so nice that we were able to go to the park. I was shocked, but we enjoyed it a lot. Ross taught Madison how to throw a snow ball. 
We took this picture a few weeks ago before a basketball game. Ross and I both love Madison's new Wyoming shirt. She looks so cute in it. 

I had to wait to blog about our weekend until today so that we could add Stella's birthday party pictures in here. It was a tea party and Madison was excited to be there. Braidy did a great job with the decorations. 
 She read "Fancy Nancy" to the girls. I really liked the book. 

 Each girl had some gloves, necklace, hat and napkin. It was cute. 
 Madison and Stella before the party started. Stella was excited to eat the cookies. 

 Madison's place setting. 
 Madison and Stella dressed Fancy. 
 Sami, Stella, Florabelle and Madison all dressed up. They looked so cute. 
 Madison loved to smell the flowers. She really enjoys smelling different things. When we are in Burlington she will carry candles around and smell them. 
I took this picture of Madison and sent it to Ross. We both thought that she looked like Madeline with the hat and jacket. 
We had a great time at Stella's tea party and we were glad to have some exciting visitors this weekend!