Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brynn's Baby Shower

This weekend I had an awesome opportunity to help my friend Ashley plan a baby shower for our friend Brynn. Brynn is awesome. She is going to have a little girl pretty soon! It is kind of a funny story how I met her. Our stake does a clothing drive and I volunteered to sort clothes. Braidy watched Madison for me and then I went in. While I was there Brynn was sorting clothes too. We talked a lot and I never asked for her name, but I knew that she used to be in our ward. I went home telling Braidy how awesome this person I met was. Ashley and I became good friends and she told me she was throwing Brynn a baby shower. She described her to me and I was like I think I know her. It was kind of fun to connect the dots. I  hope that story made sense.
I made the "baby" banner with my Cricut. There is little buttons on the sides. I was so happy with how it turned out. I am excited to make more of these!
Ashley put these little button plates together. They were a really cute and simple decoration. For food we did a fruit pizza bar, veggies, and cheese and crackers and cake balls. We also did some little candies. Braidy had the same food at her 31 party and we were totally inspired! Thanks for the great idea Braidy!
I was excited to use some of my serving dishes that we got when we got married. I really had to fight for some of them because Ross thought that they were ridiculous. "Why can't you just serve that in a tupperware?" Because I would never be asked to help with a baby shower again!
We also had people write advise and guess when the baby was going to be born in this cute notebook. I really liked how Ashley set it up.
This is Sami. I think that it is safe to say that her and I are great friends! It helps that I go over to her house and exercise with her mom everyday. For this picture, I asked her to smile and she just looked away from the camera smiling. It was cute.
Sami and Brynn. Sami was so excited for this picture. Afterwards she kept asking for pictures with Brynn. 
Sami also decided to unfold her napkin and sit on it. Since it is not lady like at all to just sit on the floor. Really I love her so much. 
And she dresses great. 
I was that person that everyone hates that took pictures while they were eating and stuff. I figured it be nice to remember who was there even if they were enjoying the food. 
We played a few games too. We played the diaper game and the baby food game. We also did the game where everyone gets ribbon to guess how big Brynn's belly is. Then we measure Brynn and compare everyone. We played this at my baby shower in Idaho and I thought it was awesome! Braidy won that game! I was amazed at how close she was. 
We also opened gifts and Brynn got some really cute stuff! I think girls are so fun! I am so excited to snuggle this little baby! 
Me with Ashley and Brynn. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


This past week was pretty fun for me. I don't know if Ross would agree. Madison and I took off Monday afternoon to go to Denver to visit my family. Ross had 4 tests and a presentation so we thought we would let him study. It was fun to go down to Colorado to see my Dad and Melodie's new house. It was nice to spend time with my Mom and John Spencer. It seemed like it had been awhile since we visited them. Madison enjoyed crawling around and playing with toys. She also enjoyed seeing Rachel's dog Cupcake. 
I didn't take very many pictures while we were down there.

Madison playing with her toys! 
Rachel got a pair of sparkly slippers for Valentine's day. Madison loved them. The picture didn't turn out very good but it was cute. 
I took this picture of us. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 
The kitchen of the house. I really liked how open it was. It was nice to see their new place. 
 Last Sunday we had a few visitors. I hardly recognized Bradford with this costume on. He was all ready to go to church. I really like this picture of Brad and Stella. 
 Madison enjoyed sitting with Phillip for a few minutes on Sunday morning. She really enjoys the attention that Phillip gives her. 
 Brad decided to put his mustache on Ross. I don't know if it is a good look for Ross.
We came back on Thursday afternoon. Phillip brought Stella and Brad over. Last week we learned that Stella finally named her baby. She named her Rossy. Ross was so excited to hear about it. Every time she comes over Ross asks her how Rossy was today. I decided to snap a picture of them. Stella, Rossy and Ross. They are so funny. I surprised that Ross was so excited to have baby Rossy named after him. He was very excited to see the transition from Stella not really liking him to naming her baby after him. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

What a day. I guess I should just start from the beginning. Ross decided that we should celebrate Valentine's day earlier in the week because we were planning on going to Denver to visit my family for Friday and Saturday. So we went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed the buffet. It really made my whole week because I have wanted Pizza Hut buffet since we moved here. I am definitely related to my grandparents. I also made Ross a cheesecake. I used a snickers cheesecake recipe, but instead of using snickers I used twix and it was delicious.
On Friday morning I woke up about four and felt so awful. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom thinking that I would throw up, but I didn't. I went back to bed and was able to sleep for about an hour when Ross woke up. I told him I felt horribly sick. When he left for school, I threw up. It was a good timing, because Ross probably would have thrown up too. I was hoping that it was just something that I ate and I would be able to get over it quick so we could still go to Denver, but that didn't happen. I felt pretty bad, but Ross was able to take care of Madison all day so I was able to rest. He was such a great help to me. He brought me flowers and was always bringing me things I needed. It was nice that he only had one class on Friday. He showed me how much he loved me and that made it a perfect Valentine's day.
I took a few pictures of Madison and Ross while we were watching Diana play basketball. This was actually a pretty funny series of events.
 Ross was enjoying this sucker while watching the Boy's game.
"What are you eating, Dad?" This lasted awhile. Enough time for me to take multiple pictures.


"What's in there, Dad?!"
"Don't worry, I'll find out!"
So funny. A lot better live, but still funny. Here are a few more pictures from this weekend.
 Madison loves to crawl in the kitchen. It is pretty nice that she just follows me in and plays. When I am cooking I usually give her a kitchen utensil to play with. Today she helped me make some bread. She really enjoyed it. She loves to do this little pose laying on her side. It is pretty cute.
Her sitting up is getting better, depending on the day. Yesterday, we put her like this. Right after I snapped this picture, she felt right over. She bonked her head pretty good since our carpet had no padding at all. It was sad. She really screamed, but I guess a learning experience.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First Ponytail

The other day. I decided that Madison finally had enough hair for a ponytail. It has been impossible to take a picture that really gives the full view of the ponytail. It is adorable. I finally caught some good ones of it today, but still not as good as the real life shot.
First attempt. 
She is getting better at sitting up, but we still aren't there nine months later. 
Madison and I playing. 
The other day my friend Ashley came over with her daughter Sami. Madison and I really enjoy hanging out with them. I was helping Ashley cut out things for her young women's activity. All the things we did turned out cute, but I didn't take any pictures.  
Madison is Ross' favorite study buddy. 
She also really loves her princess toys. Mainly chewing on them and dropping them. 
Attempt two. Kind of but still not all the way there! But GO Wyoming! Wyoming beat #5 San Diego State last night! Ross went but I was too tired because the game started at 9 p.m. 
"Really, Mom? Are you done taking pictures of me yet?" I'm sure I will have a lifetime of these pictures! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

I felt like I hadn't taken very many pictures lately, but I found all of these and it seems like a lot. We have been uneventful lately. Madison and I have been staying home a lot because it has been really cold here. Ross has been enjoying his classes and he has been studying a lot.
 The other day I was eating a few Ritz crackers and Madison looked at me like why aren't you sharing? I decided to let her try one and she really enjoyed it!

 Playing with toys
 It is amazing how fast Madison can move now. She always ends up in the weirdest places. The other day she finally realized that she can just follow me into the kitchen instead of just crying. I don't know if I'm thrilled about that
 More Ritz cracker.
 I love the way she is shoving the cracker into her mouth.
 These are just a few random pictures. I really like this one of us.
 If you look closely you can kind of see Madison's tooth.
 She always enjoys playing with her Book of Mormon. This is also another good shot of her tooth. It is pretty cute.
We are both enjoying watching the Olympics. I give her a short explanation about each event, but really she doesn't care and would much rather play with her toys.
As you probably can tell, our favorite activity is going to UW basketball games. We sent this picture in to see if they would put it on the big screen, but they didn't. It was disappointing, but it was a fun game to watch.