Thursday, July 30, 2015

Davidson Family Reunion

Last week we enjoyed going to Burlington for the Davidson family reunion. Our family was in charge of the reunion this year. Honestly, I haven't had very many experiences going to large family reunions because my family isn't very large. The idea of planning it was stressful to me but it was fun to practice planning a large event. I have always wanted to be involved in planning events but I haven't ever had a great opportunity now. Everything went smoothly and we were all able to have a great time. We didn't capture too many great pictures but here they are. 

Since it has been forever since I have blogged I'm also going to include some pictures from the past few weeks. 
On my birthday we were able to drive up to the mountains and explore. We stopped at a lookout right off the road. It was pretty neat to see the beautiful view from it. It was pretty windy though.  
 We drove a little further to Mirror Lake and Lake Marie. This is Lake Marie. I love this shot. I think it is so beautiful. 
 Family photo at Lake Marie 
This is Mirror Lake. 
I made a delicious ice cream cake for my birthday this year. I was grateful that Ross had the day off of work. It was a great birthday. 

Now the reunion pictures!
Ross' grandpa passed away at the end of June and so we started the reunion with his funeral. It was nice to celebrate his life and have a lot of family there. Before he passed away he decided to buy polished rocks for a rock hunt at the family reunion. Shortly after Ross and I were married we went to the rock hunt and I had a great time so I was really grateful that we were able to do it again this year. Madison really enjoyed looking for rocks in the little kid rock hunt. I love the view of this picture and seeing the people scattered around looking for rocks. 
Madison picking up her rocks!
 In the afternoon we went to Winters pond. I think everyone really enjoyed the canoes and activities around there. I enjoyed floating in the water for a few hours. 
I really liked this picture of Janet. 
 Ross had a paddle boat full of crazy girls! Maddie and Madison were upfront and Emma and Rasmine were in back. 
 Aunt Jeana and Jill. 
 Janet and Phillip with Stella and Faith in the back. 
 Stella and Madison. Madison really enjoyed eating hot dogs that afternoon. Since then she has been asking for hot dogs at least once a day. 
Janet and Stella  
Madison and Maddie were great friends. Maddie was a great help playing with Madison while Ross and I were running around. Its fun to think that her mom used to babysit Ross when he was a kid. 
Madison really enjoyed seeing one of the kitties at Uncle Chris's house. 
Madison also enjoyed playing outside with Uncle Todd once we got to town. 
 Ross and I also decided to make a float this year. I made flags representing where the Davidson's have all served missions or in the military. I was also grateful that my dad sent some friends up to cheer very loud for our float. That made my day. 
 It has become a tradition to end things off with a dessert baking contest. Its always fun to see what everyone makes. Uncle John was one of our judges. They all did an excellent job. 
 Aunt Debby won third place. Ross and I created trophies for the event.  
Aunt Carol, Alanna or Hanna won second place.  
Aunt Nancy won first place. It was very exciting. 
The reunion ended with some fireworks. I loved the fireworks this year! They were amazing! I was able to get some cool pictures of them. 

It was a great reunion this year! Thanks to everyone for helping us put everything together!