Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day in Burlington

We have had amazing few weeks. May has been a very very exciting month for us! There has been so much going on! We have been travelling a lot but it has been worth it! Diana graduated from high school this past weekend and Janet gave her homecoming talk since she returned from her mission on Madison's birthday. Ross had to work some crazy hours before and after our trip so Madison and I decided to head out early and visit the family and Ross met up with us later. 

We got there on Thursday and enjoyed celebrating Diana's last day of school. Shortly after Ross and I got married Diana and I became really good friends. She has been such a great friend to me and teaches me a lot. I am so grateful that she is my sister! It was exciting to see her reach this milestone and be a part of it. She has worked so hard in school. We are excited to see all the things that Diana will do in the coming years! 

On Friday we helped Diana make posters to put by each person's spot during graduation. Madison was very excited to help, so Diana let her play with her ipad. Madison loved it. We were both impressed at how well she got around on that thing. 
Madison loves Todd when he has candy, fruit snacks or anything else sweet. Otherwise she is pretty afraid of him. She also liked sitting on Diana's shoulders. 
Madison tried on Diana's graduation gown
. She looked so cute in it. I am saving that picture for her graduation one day. She also loved carrying around this bag with Brad's birthday presents in it. She liked wearing Grandma's hat also. She looked pretty cute doing that. 
On Friday night Diana had some friends over. We played some games and ate lots of treats. I lost all the games and was accused of cheating multiple times. Ross called during the party and everyone started teasing me and making me blush. It was pretty funny. 
 Madison, Brad and Stella enjoyed watching cartoons with Aunt Diana. 
 Uncle Todd was reading stories while watching the playoffs.
 On Saturday Madison and I went to help Ross and Todd do some work on their cars. We enjoyed taking pictures of them and getting assorted tools that they needed. I think they enjoyed having us there. 

 Diana was assigned to introduce Ross' Uncle Pete at graduation. She did a really great job!
 Diana getting her diploma.
 Owen, Jess, Angie, Diana, Bridger and Layne. Diana and Angie were the only girls in the class. 
 The three Davidson graduates were Angie, Ian and Diana. 
  Layne, Adam, Diana, Jess, Bridger and Connor. 
Bridger and I are birthday twins so it was pretty important that we took a picture together!
 The family after graduation. Todd, Anne, Diana, Janet, Ross, Madison and I. 
I really love this picture! 
 Janet and Diana. They are going to have great times in Rexburg at BYU-Idaho. I wish we were there with them! 
Ross, Madison, Diana and I.
 Future BYU-Idaho roommates! Janet, Diana and Angie.
 Madison enjoyed throwing the ball to Dwight. I don't think that he liked that she would throw it right to his mouth. 

Sadly, Madison and I came back to Laramie yesterday. We both had a great time in Burlington. It was so nice to be there for Janet's talk and Diana's graduation! We are so proud of our awesome sisters! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome Home Janet!

When Madison was six months old Ross' sister Janet left on her mission to Chile. We were so excited for Janet to serve a mission. We always had a blast with Janet when she was in Rexburg for her first year of college. I was so grateful that Janet was finally coming home! She came home on Wednesday and that happened to be Madison's 2nd birthday. It wad fun to celebrate Madison's birthday with Janet. 

 Todd dressed up for the occasion like usual. He is also holding the sign that I made for her. 
 I made this sign for Janet. I didn't even hold it up though because I was taking pictures. Janet and I would always fight during board games so I thought she would enjoy that. 
 Madison and Grandma waiting for Janet. Madison did a good job coloring a sign for Aunt Janet. She also had a mouth full of grapes. 
 Todd, Diana, Ross, Janet, Madison, Anne and I. 
 Todd, Madison and Diana at the airport. 
 Madison was excited to open her birthday presents.
She did a really good job opening her presents this year. It was fun to think about how much she has changed from last year. 
Madison was harassing Aunt Janet to open the toy for her. 
Madison loved when Ross put her new bunny pillow from Grandma on his head. 
Aunt Janet brought back lots of fun souvenirs for us from Chile. Madison looks so cute in this little jacket. I also think this a great picture of Anne and Madison.

I know that I am blurry in this picture but I love the look of Madison's face. She was so excited about the things that she got for her birthday.She loves the little stroller. It is so cute to watch her put her baby in there and wrap it in the blanket. (She is doing that as I type.)

I decided that I was going to make Madison an orange cat cake this year. Madison loves the color orange and she loves cats. She was so excited about the cake but she didn't even really eat it. She just ate the ice cream that was with it.

Madison and her kitty cake. 
Madison getting ready to blow the candles out.

It was really fun to be in Burlington. I always enjoy visiting with family there. It was wonderful to see Janet and look at the pictures from her mission. I'm sure that she was an exceptional missionary. She has been a great example to me of faith and patience.

Welcome home Janet! We are so glad to have you back!