Saturday, November 10, 2012


 Halloween really crept up on us this year. We decided to be nerds this year. It was a fun ward Halloween party. There were lots of people there and lots of good snacks.
 I made this wreath for our door to get ready for Halloween. I think it is adorable. It was really easy to make. I got the idea off a blog. Ross really likes it also.
 We have been receiving packages in the mail from some trouble makers in Wyoming. On Thursday night we checked the mail and this was in it.
 Sarah and her daughters put the rotten apples in plastic bags, but one of them leaked. The postal service wrapped it in cling wrap and taped it. We were so confused when we opened the mailbox. The package smelled awful. Ross was about to throw up.
 The first package had an umbrella full of confetti. I knew something was up, but Ross wasn't sure. I told him to be careful opening. Luckily, it didn't get all over our floor.
 Ross is proud of how big his pumpkin is. We enjoyed using the nice carving set from Mark and Anne. It made our pumpkins turn our very well. I tried to make mine look like a girl pumpkin. Someone told me it looked like a Jamaican.
Todd came out and visited us. He was being a Halloween Grinch and didn't want to carve a pumpkin. It was fun to have him here.

We are still busy with school. I am going to Dallas next weekend to help with the first 5k race. I am excited to see John and Cassandra. They just moved there is October. Ross has been working very hard in school. He is working on Saturdays at the Pharmacy and is working on applying to schools for the fall!