Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Last week we went to Denver because Ross was on Spring Break. It was nice to get out of Laramie. We were disappointed Madison was still recovering from a nasty cold that hit a few days before we took off. My mom and stepdad are getting ready to sell their house and go on a mission. Ross said that he would help them do some projects that needed to be done before the house went onto the market. I think that they were pretty successful. These are some random highlights from our past few weeks. 
 I was so disappointed that Madison was sick because I was ready to go to Las Vegas to watch the Wyoming basketball team play in the Mountain West Championship. If she wasn't sick we would have been there no doubt about it. I sent this picture to Diana while she was in Washington D.C. Ross and I have loved watching them play this season and we were so glad that they made it to the NCAA tournament. 
 Ross caught 3 gardener snakes while we were in Colorado. The first one he cracked like a whip and then he made me kill the other two. I wasn't able to get the second one so he did. But I successfully  killed the third one. 
 Madison liked to play with Josie a lot. She loved Josie's shoes and kept trying to take them off her feet. Madison looked pretty funny walking around in my mom's red hat. All she needed was a purple shirt just like her great-grandma.
 Rachel and Madison loved playing together. 
Emma, Rachel and I.  
 Josie chugging the good stuff. 
 Ross and I in our St. Patrick's day attire. Ross was so glad to wear his sweater vest again. 
 We knew Madison was really sick when she would only wear pajamas. She did that for about four days. It was sad and very unlike her.
 Ross' Aunt and Uncle sent Madison a fun Easter package. She was really excited about these bunny sunglasses. It really was the perfect gift for Madison. She loves sunglasses. 
Before we left and Madison got sick, we were able to play outside because it was so warm outside. Madison loved doing that. It was nice to be outside again. She really enjoyed going down the slide. 

I also forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I entered a logo design for downtown Laramie. They were celebrating 10 years and wanted people to create a new logo for them. The winner would receive $200 in Downtown gift cards. I decided to resurrect my old Macbook and create a logo. I was really hoping to win, but I received an honorable mention so that was cool. (The logo in the picture isn't mine.) I was really glad to design again. I hope I can find more opportunities to do other projects like this soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

State Basketball

This weekend we went to Casper to meet Diana, Anne and Angie and watch the boys at the state basketball tournament. I was excited to see everyone because it felt like it had been quite awhile since we had seen them, even though it was only two months. It was fun to see them before they get ready to go to Washington D.C. for Diana's senior trip. I am very excited for them to go and I am a little bit jealous too. I also have some pictures from when Emma came to visit a few weeks ago that I never posted. 

Madison loves to help us cook. She has been helping us make salads lately. It is really funny to see how she organizes the vegetables in the bowl.  
 She also loves snuggling in our bed. 
Last weekend we had the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. They did an awesome job putting it together. They did a minion theme and made these cute hats. Madison loves wearing hers. I think it is really cute. This is also a great picture of Madison's Burlington Huskies shirt. I thought it turned out pretty good. She only likes to wear it because it is her "Diana shirt".
 Madison also loves to wear my shoes around our house. I thought it was really cute when she was wearing them while playing at her kitchen. 
 Emma came out a few weeks ago and we went to a basketball game. Madison loves having Emma here. Madison also made another salad. 
Snuggling in our bed. 
 Grandma and Madison at State Basketball. 
 Diana and Angie wrestling. Seems like every get-together we have Ross always brings up who he things should wrestle. Sorry this is a horrible quality picture. 
 This was taken at Taco Bell. Madison loves tacos. I also look like I am enjoying my Taco Bell a lot. Diana should have let me swallow before she took the picture. 
 We did a lot of shopping in Casper and all Madison wanted to do was try on shoes. I think she would do that all day if she could. 
 Ross, Diana, Madison and Anne waiting for the basketball game. On Thursday and Friday the games started at 9 p.m. Madison was pretty feisty considering she rarely ever sees that time of the night.
 Ross, Diana and Madison 
 Diana and Madison. 
 Ross was called up for the Pizza Hut shootout during the first game. He was so excited. He made his layup and got a free personal pan pizza. He also made his 3-pointer and won a large pizza. I was glad he was able to make it this year. He also caught a t-shirt during the championship game. 
 Madison in her Sanford's hat. She looked pretty cute in it but none of the pictures really turned out very good. 
 Score of the championship game. I figured they weren't going to come back at this point so I could take a picture. 
 Let the celebrating begin. 
 It was exciting that they won the championship two years in a row. I'm glad that I could witness both games. 
I always like to get pictures of Uncle Matt being interviewed. I don't know why but I think its so funny. 
This is about 2 minutes into our drive home to Laramie. 
I think that describes how all of us felt. It was exhausting but it was so fun to see Anne, Diana, Angie and all of the people that came out from Burlington. 
Way to go Huskies!