Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

On Monday night, we carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening. We did ours as a squirrel. It turned out pretty good. It made a nice addition to our porch.

For our ward party we dressed up as smurfs. My mom made us the awesome hats and sent them to us. They got here in perfect time. We found the shirts at DI. We won the Best Couple Costume. It was incredible. We were both very proud!

This is Ross and Braxton. I babysit Braxton a few days a week. He is fun. He loves to play with Ross. He is always sad when Ross has to go to work. Braxton won the cutest kid contest. All of the other little ones were afraid of him.
This is Braxton and Otto. They are so cute!

Happy Halloween <3 the Davidsons

Chemistry Week!

Ross is now the Vice President of the Chemistry Society at BYU-Idaho. It is fun. Usually he gets treats and shares them with me. Occasionally I have to make cupcakes and for Mole Day he had to do a run. I was glad that I had class that night. I thought that everyone would enjoy some nice pictures of Ross during the Chemistry demo week.