Thursday, July 31, 2014

R.I.P. Red Neon

The day finally came. On Wednesday we said goodbye to a very good family friend. The little red neon. This has car been a big part of the Davidson family since I have been a part of it. When I first met the neon, Janet was driving it like it was a race car. Seriously, JanStar!? Ross drove the neon before Janet and then it was passed onto Diana. 
There are many things I will miss about the neon. Here are my top 3.
1. The radio. You wouldn't think that the neon would have a great radio but it really does.
2. Cruising around town with Diana. 
3. Knowing Diana was limited to a ten mile radius. 
This is Ross and Diana getting ready to take the Neon to its final resting place. 
These pictures are from the Pioneer Day celebration in Burlington. 
 Ross, Todd and Phillip were excited about the basketball tournament. They played really well but lost in the championship game. Ross hurt his ankle too. I was impressed he played through it. 
 I spend the week before slaving away on the Davidson family float. We did gold mining theme. On the sides it said "Panning through our family tree" We had pictures hanging from the tree to make it our family tree. 
 I really liked the pictures hanging from the family tree. I used some of the pictures from my family. 
All of the kids were excited to throw candy to the Davidson crew parked in front of Uncle Pete's house. I was glad that they were all so excited about it. 
 Aunt Diana and Madison. They are great friends. 
Madison and Stella. This is my favorite picture from the weekend.
Madison enjoyed some root beer with dinner today. She kept asking for more. It was cute. 
The raspberry crop has been great this year. Madison and I have been picking them during the day snacking on them and making many raspberry treats. Madison loves them. When she sees the bowl of them she'll just grab them and eat them as quickly as she can. It is cute. 

We are enjoying being in Burlington and Ross is enjoying working at the hospital in Cody. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Manassa Pioneer Days

In June, we heard that everyone would be heading to Southern Colorado for the Pioneer Day Celebration. By everyone I mean all of Ross' Aunts and Uncles on his mom's side and the majority of his cousins. I haven't had a good opportunity to meet very many of Ross' cousins on his Mom's side. I was very excited for the opportunity. It was great to meet so many people. I was glad that I was able to be there. There are also a few pictures from my birthday celebration last week. I was spoiled, but everyone. Thanks for all the birthday love! 

Blowing out the candles on my birthday cake. I was able to get them all out in one breath.
 Diana, Madison and Ross getting ready for the parade on Friday morning. 
 Madison loves spending time with her Aunt Diana. 
 Davidson girls in the party van! 
 This was the award winning float. I couldn't even believe the amount of work that they put into this. I think I could dedicate a whole post to the incredible floats. 
 The whole group watching the parade. 
 Ross, Diana and I. We were sitting on a chair made by Ross' great Grandpa. I love this picture. I am getting a big copy printed of this one. 
 Justin, Uncle Wayne, Ross and Madison chatting outside. 
 Anne and Aunt Sonia. I was so glad to meet Aunt Sonia, Uncle Wendell and Justin. They are fun people. I hope that we can visit them in California soon! 
 Uncle Wendell, Stella and Anne in the party van. 
 Alex and Braidy placed in their age groups during the 5k. Braidy got a nice trophy that Phillip is hoping to put as a hood ornament on their suburban. I think that is great idea! 
I was impressed by all the family memebers that signed up and ran in the 5k. Ross wouldn't pay for it (shocking) but decided to run anyway. He did great and would have placed in his age group. Uncle Wayne, Uncle Lowell, Alex, Braidy, Ross, Allen, Richard, Carly, Jace, Cynthia, Alisa and I all did the 5k. It was a fun activity. 
 Grandma, Madison, Ross and I. 
Anne, Grandma, Madison and Ross. 

 Aunt Diana, Anne and all the grandkids in the party van. They were prepping for the parade on Saturday morning. It was wild place to hang out. 
 There was also a huge carnival. Brad and Stella were able to ride a few rides. It was cute to see how excited they were. I love this picture of them. 
 Brad is usually a cheeser. 
 He was so excited when this plane ride went high. I loved seeing his face. 
 Phillip and his dream machine. 
 Aunt Sonia reading to Stella. 
 Madison and Grandma watching the parade. 
Madison had a good seat for that one! 

We had a great time visiting with family in Colorado. I wish that we all lived closer so that we could see them more frequently. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince Ross we need to go on more vacations to visit them. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This is basically I bunch of random pictures of us from the past few weeks. We had some family visit, we went to Chic-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day and we went to the Laramie Jubilee Days. 

Anne sent Madison this adorable dress last week! I love it! We caught this picture before we went to church. It was a nice surprise! Thanks Anne!  
Madison and I before church. 
 Ross' cousin Clint and his family came out on Thursday night. They were driving through to Utah from Wisconsin. I was excited to meet them and their kids. This is Clint and Clare at the park. 
 Adam at the park. 
 Cami was such a cute girl! We had lots of fun playing with them. 
 While we were at the park, we saw a few kids from our ward. Her name is Hannah too. Hannah had fun playing with Stella. 
 Braidy, Phillip, Clint and Clare chatting. 
 On Friday, we went to Chic-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day. I made some cow costumes that day. I had a blast making them. I think I going to save most of the pieces for next year. 
 Madison in her cow costume. 
 Ross, Madison and I with the Chic-fil-a cow. 
 Emma drove up from Denver and met us in Cheyenne. Then she drove back to Laramie with us. It was nice to have her here, but I wish that she could have stayed longer. 
 Madison loved practicing walking all over the mall. She loved making friends with some of the people there. 
 The Laramie Jubilee Days was this weekend. We enjoyed going to the parade with Phillip and Braidy's family. Bronson sure has grown lately. 
 Brad and Stella were waiting for the parade to start. Stella didn't want to smile for the picture. Brad is a serious cheeser. 
 The kids got a nice amount of candy. Madison put her pieces of candy in a little purse that she carries around. It was pretty cute! It was fun to watch the kids. They were very excited! 
 Madison enjoyed some pudding and it was a mess.
I was sad that I didn't get any pictures with Madison and Emma while she was here. Madison loves Emma. They are very good friends! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Last week, we headed down to Colorado to meet up with a bunch of my family that was coming to town. My brother, John, his wife, Cassandra their son, Andrew came into town from Texas. My brother, Joe, his wife Rianne, and their daughter Anneli came from Missouri. It was fun to see them. I wish I was able to capture better pictures.

Madison and Andrew became good friends on our trip. Madison liked to pet Andrew's back. It was cute. 
Andrew looks a lot like Madison's cousin Bronson (Phillip and Braidy's youngest). It was surprising to Ross and I, but pretty fun. 
Madison and Josie in the pool
Madison and I with Cassandra and Andrew. We enjoyed visiting with them. It had been about 5 months since we had seen them.
We went to White Fence Farm for my Dad's work party. It was neat place. They had delicious food and fun barnyard type settings. 
John and Cassandra looked good in this. 
Ross and Madison in front of the petting zoo. 
Madison liked the animals until a goat ran up to her. That scared her a lot. It was funny to see her reaction. 
Madison in the pig body. 
Emma and Ross took a bunch of kids on a carriage ride. I guess it was pretty fun.
John and Andrew 
Andrew driving the tractor. 
Madison and I riding the horse. 
Madison and Opa. 
We decided to remake the AM Crunchwrap from Taco Bell. It was delicious. I couldn't believe how good it was. We did a layer of hash browns, then scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon. We also mixed a few sauces to come up with the Taco Bell sauce. 
Ross, Emma and Cassandra were head chefs. 
This was the homemade panini press. 
Emma and Ross were twins. We were all on the same bowling team when we won these shirts. 
The final product. I was so impressed at how well these turned out. It was delicious. I think we are going to make these again very soon! 
This is Madison's favorite toy at Grammy's house! She is looking more and more like a toddler. 
We went swimming at the pool in my Dad's neighborhood. It was a fun activity. 
We did a lot of swimming races. John and my Dad had a great advantage because they were about half way there from the start. 
Melodie, Rachel, Me, John, Emma and my Dad. 
Emma made some friends with some little boys at the pool. She would splash them when she jumped off the diving board. 
Madison and Aunt Rachel. 
Madison loved to play the piano with Rachel. I love this picture! 
Madison and Anneli. 
Madison and Anneli again. I thought they were cute together. It is funny how they look so different.