Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The bags are packed....

In all honesty, I don't even remember the last time that I blogged. I can't even say that I have been so busy because we haven't really. We enjoyed the nice weather in Laramie and then we had a crazy blizzard for a few days. Now the weather is nice again and we are enjoying it. 

I started coaching girls lacrosse a few weeks ago. It has been a blast. It is a club team so we coach junior high and high school girls. Lots of the girls are just starting to play so it is difficult to teach them but they are picking it up well. 

Ross also started working at the Walgreen's Pharmacy here in Laramie. He has really enjoyed being able to work in a pharmacy. 

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past month. 
Madison watched a lot of March Madness. I have never been more proud. 
During General Conference, Madison and Ross colored a huge picture on an old poster Ross had for school. She loved when he traced her. They colored all the things that Madison likes. 
Ross and Madison with their picture. 
Madison's Easter egg hunt. 
She was a little slow picking them up, but she did a good job. 

Ross and Madison
Madison loves to copy Ross. He was leaning on the counter and she ran over to be just like him. It was very cute. 

Madison loves to help me cook. She likes to wear her apron too. She is a good helper. 
Brad dressed Madison and Stella up like Princesses on day. He was their King of course! Bronson also jumped into the picture. 
Madison's favorite place. 
Our snowman. I didn't really want to go looking for some sticks to use as arms so we just used forks. Madison liked building the snowman, but she liked throwing snowballs even more. She is just like her dad. 

Madison and I went to Burlington a few weeks ago. We didn't take very many pictures, but while we were there we found out that Ross' brother Phillip and his family would be moving to St. George, Utah. We were very excited for them, but sad that we would be losing such fun neighbors. The packed up the moving truck this week and headed to St. George. Madison has been sad to see them go. She has been asking about Brad ever since they left. 

Brad, Madison, Bronson and Stella one final picture. 
Madison giving Brad a hug. 
Waving bye from the van. 
Phillip looked a little scary behind the wheel of that truck!

My Mom and Stepdad also received their mission call this weekend. We were excited to hear that they will be going to San Antonio, Texas to work in the mission office. I am very proud of them and the example that they are setting for Madison and their other grandchildren. Their faith means a lot to me. They will be leaving in August and we will miss them!