Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The past week has been crazy for us and sadly enough things aren't really slowing down much! On April 29th Ross, Madison and I braved some rainy weather and traveled down to Denver for Emma's bridal shower that Mary and I were throwing together. We came back up on Saturday and celebrated Ross' birthday on Monday. Then on Friday we celebrated Madison's 3rd birthday. Anne and Diana came down to celebrate with us and we attended Ross' pharmacy school banquet. Emma made it to town during the banquet and on Saturday morning Sarah threw me a baby shower. We ended the weekend by speaking in church on Sunday. Now we are starting to pack like crazy and get ready to move to Burlington next week! It has been a wonderful few weeks for us but I am very excited for things to slow down a little bit!

Emma and her Mrs. Smith banner. My mom also came out to surprise Emma for the bridal shower but I didn't get any pictures of that. 

The bridal soaps were prizes for the games. 
Guess how many kisses game. Someone was about 3 kisses away from the right answer and I was amazed. Another person was about 5 away. It was incredible. 
The food table 
I put together these little donut rings and it was one of my favorite parts of the shower. 
Madison and Ross playing hide and go seek with the other cousins before the party started. 
For Ross' birthday Madison got him a Garfield comic book because they love to read comics together. She told him about it at least 5 times before he opened it. It was pretty cute. 
Ross and Madison opening presents.
Ross getting ready to blow out 
This is Madison on her birthday. We had a pretty simple party for her. We invited a few friends to take a picnic to the park with us and we played. Madison had a great time. Ross and I had talked about getting some balloons for her but we didn't ever make the final call. Both of us showed up at the park with pink, purple and princess balloons. It was pretty funny. 
Madison and her friend Benjamin. Sadly this is the only picture I got of her little birthday party. 
We parked Madison's birthday present in the parking lot for her to find. 
She was so excited about it. When she woke up yesterday she looked out the window and said "its a beautiful day in the neighborhood! We can drive my car!"
This is the perfect picture of Madison from Friday. 
Sarah made this adorable diaper cake for the baby shower on Saturday morning. 
Diana captured this lovely picture of me while playing baby charades. She also conveniently hide the camera while it was her turn.  
Emma and Renee used to be roommates at BYU-Idaho so it was fun for them to have a little reunion. 
Sarah and I after the shower. I am so grateful for her and the other great friends that I have made it Laramie. It is definitely bittersweet for us to move this next week. 
Ross and Madison flying a kite for Family Home Evening last night. I wish I would have caught a picture of the Mother's Day snow we got this year. Luckily it was all melted by Monday. 
Madison and Diana chasing the kite.

We have a great few weeks. It has been crazy but so fun. I am getting very excited to see what the summer will bring! 


  1. So many cute pictures. I love it all. Good luck with everything!

  2. Best wishes on the next chapter of your journey.

  3. Beautiful pictures, and it must have been a wonderful time with so many events to attend. I’ll be attending my sister’s wedding tomorrow and I’m also her maid of honor. We are very excited for the ceremony and we’ve finished decorating the event locations that we had booked for the ceremony. Both, me and sister are trying out our gowns to make sure everything is perfect.