Saturday, April 2, 2016

Relay for Life

A few weeks ago Ross and the other class presidents decided that they were going to have teams to walk in the Relay for Life. I was a little hesitant for him to do this because I was supposed to be a team captain back in high school and pretty much my whole team ditched out on me. There was only one other girl and we basically gave up. I wasn't too sad that I missed it because it is an all night event. They begin walking at 6 p.m. and end at 6 a.m. Ross was committed and was ready to do anything to make his team successful.  

His first effort was to make videos to encourage participation.

His next video was to encourage support from friends and family. 

Ross and his team did an amazing job raising money for Relay for Life. I couldn't believe it. Their class raised $3,250 and whole UW School of Pharmacy raised over $5,000. Thank you so much to everyone who donated for the Relay for Life. 

 Finally now we have some pictures of the actual event. Madison and I went for a few hours and left around 9. Madison had a blast and did an awesome job walking laps around the track. 
 We all wore purple while we were walking. Ross found a nice purple bathrobe at Walmart the day before. It ended up being a little hot for it though. 
 This is the School of Pharmacy "campsite." I was surprised that it ended up being an actual campsite. I was also jealous that other people came with nice couches. 
 Madison and Ross entered the swing dance competition. They won first place and it was adorable. 
 Madison would just stop, put her hands on her hips and start doing a little hip shake. Everyone loved that. 
 They practice a lot at home too.  
The swing dance CHAMPIONS! I was so proud. 
 Madison and I walking a lap. Pictures aren't very flattering of me lately. 
 Some of the other teams had games that you could play. We did the mini golf and I did really well at it. They gave out tickets that you could put into raffle drawings. I was sure that we would win because we had 16 tickets and it was a basket of kids coloring books. I was disappointed when Ross told me that we didn't win. 

Ross survived the night. It sounded like he played in a basketball tournament around 11 p.m. and their team did alright. 
I think that it was a nice way end our time in Laramie. We have had lots of friends and family that have fought cancer. Their example of strength and courage is something that we really look up to. 
Here is one last cute picture of Madison from today. She is really into watching General Conference today. She put a dress on and was telling Ross and I to turn off the basketball because it was Sunday.  


  1. Wow I didn't know I was related to such good swing dancers! It looks like they have some good moves...of course the YMCA champion probably showed them how it's done.

  2. Good to know Madison is practicing her swing dancing skills. Bradford will be ready for her when they see each other next:)